Perpetual Burn - 1988 - Shrapnel
Perspective - 1995 - Warner
The Raspberry Jams - 1999 - Shrapnel
The Blackberry Jams - 2002 – Shrapnel
Triumphant Hearts – 2018 – Music Theories

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History & Biography
Guitarist Jason Becker was a California-based axe slicker and half of the Cacophony duo with Marty Friedman. The band’s initial album featured a guest appearance by Friedman as well. Becker’s biggest gig, however, was playing on David Lee Roth’s A Little Ain't Enough album.

Becker’s work was soon affected by Lou Gehrig disease. The Raspberry and Blackberry Jams were collections of demo material. Several musicians banded together to issue the Warmth In The Wilderness tribute album, which was issued on the man’s birthday on July 22nd, 2001. Steve Morse, Alex Masi, Friedman and others were heard on the album. Contrary to rumours Jason Becker was alive and still battling ALS, which had crippled him since the majority of the ‘90s. There were several fundraising activities planned for him. Another tribute album followed in 2002. Friedman performed some of Becker’s work at a one-off concert in December of 2002. Jason was heard on the Short Stories album of Joe Becker (no relation) in 2005. Becker was also working on an autobiography and a film. Jason Becker released the Jason Becker Collection on Shrapnel Records in November of 2008. It contained three new recordings totaling over 20 minutes in length and included new performances by some of Becker's guitar buddies, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Michael Lee Firkins, Marty Friedman, Steve Hunter and Greg Howe. The CD was enhanced and contained bonus material.



Jason Becker