Thrash Ranch - 1990 - Grudge

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S= Attacker>>Lou Ciarlo>>Bully Dance - GEORGE CARMEN>>Slack

G= Sneak Attack>>John Ilaw - Apollyon, Attacker, Sleepy Hollow>>MIKE BENETATOS>>Attacker

B= Attacker, Hades>>LOU CIARLO>>Bully Dance

D= Attacker>>MIKE SABATINI>>Attacker, Steve Bello

History & Biography
The Jersey Dogs was formed in New Jersey in 1989 and was virtually the crossover incarnation of Attacker. The band immediately recorded an EP called Don’t Worry, Get Angry for California’s Wild Rags Records. The band next recorded a full-length, which featured a Metallian Towers’ serf on the cover, and a 1993 self-titled demo before throwing in the towel. Two of the members participated in the reformation of Attacker at the turn of the century. The band was reportedly resurrected for a show and an album. Jersey Dogs, the '80s band of former Attackers Lou Ciarlo and Mike Sabatini, released some MP3 files, called Live @ Streets, on February 16th, 2010. The material was recorded at Streets in New Rochelle, New York on February 3rd, 1990 during the band’s Hope We Go On Tour as support for Biohazard.

The band’s EP and LP were reissued by Heaven & Hell Records in 2017.



Jersey Dogs