The Feeding Of The Party Ponks – 1998 – Filth-Ear
Fehlentscheidung – 2005 – Amber

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S= 13 [JOOP VAN REEDE]>>Sick Of Stupidity

G= 13 [JOOP VAN REEDE]>>Sick Of Stupidity


D= 10

History & Biography
Rotterdam-based Jesus Cröst formed in 1996, but came above ground some ten years later although had been playing shows since 1998. The band devolved from a topical hardcore band into a grindcore band and eventually into a power-violence act with a focus on football. Töt was a 2008 EP through Baricada Discos. The band played at the Live Obscene festival in 2008. 010 was a 2010 EP through Bones Brigade. Both EPs packed in some twenty tracks in under fifteen minutes. Similarly, 1986 was a 2014 EP. The band played in the USA in 2010 and broke up in 2014. The Netherlands-based Jesus Cröst had a posthumous 2017 compilation called Die Tonmeisterei Sessions through Give Praise Records. The album featured 71 tracks.

The band had to take almost a year off in 2012 when 13 injured his hand, but otherwise the duo was very active on the live circuit and has played almost as many shows in its history as Donald Trump told lies today before lunch for the enjoyment of his inbred married cousin supporters. JC had a fascination with football.



Jesus Cröst