Endless Nights – 2020 – Pride & Joy

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S= Hexenbiest, Cuero Y Metal>>MAXX MENDOZA>>Cuero Y Metal
G= Ticio, Wild Demise, Steel Sentinel>>Diego Aragon - Steel Sentinel>>SERGIO QUINTERO - Nehuen Pacheco

Jet Jaguar was formed in Cancún, Mexico in 2014. The guitarists were in Steel Sentinel. The band’s monicker was partially inspired by the jaguar, a sacred animal for the Mayan civilization and by the robot in the Godzilla movies. The band released its first demo Call Of The Fight in the same year, which gave them the opportunity to open for Canadian bands Skull Fist and Striker. Singer Maxx Mendoza joined in 2015. Jorge Ramírez relinquished the microphone. The Zero Hour EP came through Sade Records in 2016. The title track was the act’s first Spanish song. 2017 saw them tour Mexico twice for a total of 35 dates. The band also embarked on its first European Tour across Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and Romania. The act won the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle in Germany in 2017. The band opened for the likes of Judas Priest and Scorpions at Corona Hell & Heaven in Mexico City in 2018. The band also played at Grito Latino in Costa Rica in 2019. Endless Nights was released through German label Pride & Joy Music in July 2020. The album was mixed and mastered by Swedish producer Henrikk Udd who had worked with Powerwolf and Striker. Ariyuki Arce took Nehuen Pacheco’s spot. The group also signed with European booking agency Nick Grima MGT in late 2020.



Jet Jaguar