Starfire - 2000 - Frontiers
Worldchanger - 2001 - Frontiers
Out To Every Nation - 2004 - AFM
The Duke - 2006 - AFM
Live In America - 2007 - Frontiers
Lonely And The Brave - 2008 - Frontiers
Spirit Black - 2009 - Frontiers
Live In Black - 2011 - Frontiers
Bring Heavy Rock To The Land - 2012 - Frontiers
Symphonic – 2013 – Frontiers
Traveller – 2013 – Frontiers
Heavy Rock Radio – 2016 - Frontiers
Life On Death Road – 2017 - Frontiers
Over The Horizon Radar – 2022 – Frontiers

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S= Vagabond, The Snakes, Beyond Twilight, Yngwie Malmsteen, Masterplan, Ark, Allen/Lande>>JORN LANDE>>Masterplan, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brazen Abbot, Allen/Lande

Norwegian hard rock singer Jorn Lande is probably better known as the singer of Masterplan. He also has a popular solo band where he has received help from the likes of TNT’s Morty Black, Mayhem’s Hellhammer, Hammerfall’s Magnus Rosen and many others. Lande was also involved in a dispute over the ownership of music and song writing credit with the band Beyond Twilight. A live album was issued in September of 2007, which was recorded at ProgPower USA VII festival in Atlanta. The man also issued a covers CD called Unlocking The Past and The Gathering, which featured odds and ends. The live album’s second disc featured some of this material. Jorn also found the time to guest on the Ayreon and Avantasia CDs in 2007 and play at Poland’s MetalMania Festival. The beginning of 2009 brought a band DVD called Live In America. It was recorded at ProgPower USA VII in Atlanta on September 16, 2006. AFM records issued the DukeBox compilation in the summer of 2009. Jörn returned to Masterplan in 2009 replacing his successor, Mike DiMeo. Jorn scheduled several South American dates for July of 2011. The band’s live performance from 2010’s Sweden Rock Festival was to be released on August 26th. It would also include a bonus DVD. Frontiers Records announced August 23rd as the release date for Live In Black 2-CD/DVD set. The concert was recorded on June 10th, 2010 at the Sweden Rock Festival. Jorn Lande supported Motörhead across Scandinavia in December of 2011. Jorn Lande released a new album, Bring Heavy Rock To The Land, on June 1st, 2012 through Frontiers Records. Guitarist Tore Moren and bassist Nic Angileri left Jorn in the summer of 2012. Frontiers Music released Jorn's 2017 album, which was titled Life On Death Road on June 2. Matt Sinner was on bass and Primal Fear’s Alex Beyrodt was also in the band. Heavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics was a covers’ album issued by Frontiers in 2020. Jon Lande was compete in Norway's Eurovision national contest, Melodi Grand Prix, in 2021.

Jorn had an album called Over The Horizon Radar on June 17 2022. There was also a video for the title track.


Jorn Lande's latest solo album is a timely one with both impressive music and outstanding vocals - selectively. The singer of Masterplan really belts out the vocals here and there and showcases himself as the younger and more modern brother of David Coverdale. Yes, the album can be soulful or hard rocking like a Whitesnake album would, but does drift into other sub-genres as well. The more modern influences are not as revered, but do inject an air of originality into an album that could have otherwise turned into a Whitesnake clone disc. Something Real, for instance, is a good song with hints of NWOBHM in the music and Whitesnake vocally. In contrast, the following song Vision Eyes is inconsistent and not so brilliant. One Day We Will Put Out The Sun is more of a party-type track which compared to the lame Behind The Clown and the soulful vocals and ritzy rhythm of Through Day And Night highlights Out To Every Nation's varied stylings. Speaking of the album's title, my version of the disc comes with a demonic-looking Jorn waving the flag of hate making me wish for the version with the Swedish flag on it. Either way, the latest Jorn disc would have appealed more here had it indeed went after the Whitesnake aura, yet manages to impress regardless. - Ali "The Metallian"

Several things about Live In America, which was recorded at ProgPower USA in Georgia, are baffling. First though, did anyone else get the urge to privately rename this album 'Jorn In America?' Presumably, Bruce Springsteen wouldn’t awfully mind. Back to the baffling part, Jörn Lande is a talented singer with a penchant for sounding like David Coverdale, something that was mentioned in my review of Out To Every Nation three years ago. Why does he have to go and rub everyone’s nose in it though? This double-disc features no less than a The Whitesnake Medley featuring Come On, Sweet Talker, Crying In The Rain, Here I Go Again and Give Me All Your Love. Worse, the set features songs from Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and the man’s own work from the Masterplan era. Setting aside the inclusion of a drum and guitar solo Jörn clearly is neither ready for prime time nor has enough material to constitute a headline act. To sound close to one’s idols (Dio, Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake) is one thing. To pretend to be a headlining act and issue a live album full of covers is quite another.
Having said that, and lest it was not made clear, the Norwegian Jörn Lande has quite a bellow. It is not every day this side of the century that a traditional hard rock and heavy band rears its head with enough talent to make a dent. It is even more unusual for said band to play and record in America, which makes it even more interesting that the performance in the US Bible Belt features We Brought The Angels Down as the opener of Disc 1 and Godless And Wicked as the opener of Disc 2. - Ali “The Metallian”

On the new album, Jorn sticks with his formula of relatively pain-free untainted hard rock that could be straight out of 1989. His vocals are still Coverdale Junior from start to finish. Good.
Ironically, the title track, which kicks off the album sounds like Christopher Cross’ Ride Like The Wind. War Of The World (check out the album’s artwork) has the 'oh oh ohhhhh' chorus that lately Iron Maiden uses and even some Near Eastern music and machine guns are also included. As a whole, the album benefits from a good sound, bombastic vocals and squealing and crunchy guitars. The album also comes with some blistering guitar solos. Unfortunately, after a while, the album gets a little long in the tooth and the vocals become repetitious. Man Of The Dark is a song that is actually rather boring and should have been made more exciting. Nonetheless, Lonely Are the Brave is a good album. How many traditional hard rock album without extra ketchup do we hear nowadays? - Anna Tergel