CirCumCisIon Of The MarTyr - 1995 - Effigy
40 Minutes To Impact - 2004 - New Aeon/Karmageddon

S= Jeroen Dammers - Pleurisy>>Johan Wesdijk>>Pleurisy - OLIVIER VAN DER KRUIJF
G= Theo Van Eekelen>>Thanatos - FERRY KLINGENBERG - WIM VAN BURKEN
B= Bas Van Den Boogaard>>Sinister - Theo Van Eekelen>>Thanatos - Dimensional Psychosis>>WILLEM HOFS
D= Nolo - Desultory, Centurian, Inquisitor>>Wim Van Der Walk - Passion>>Paul Beltman>>Sinister

This Dutch death metal band - not to be confused with the American act from Tempe, Arizona - was formed in 1988 and was as industrious as was in a state of line-up upheaval. Theo Van Eekelen and Jeroen Dammers formed the band. Freek Kamphorst and Maarten Vlot completed the band. They played a few gigs in Holland. In July 1990, they decided to record a first demo called Hypocritical. Wim Van Burken joined and the band recorded the Corpseflakes demo Maatren and Freek left, but the latter would soon return. Shows with the likes of Krabathor, Sinister and Blood followed. The band recorded a demo called Pathology Of Crowding and obtained a deal with Effigy Records in December of 2004. A split CD with Evisceration and Italy’s Esmegor preceded the full-length, Cir-Cum-Cis-Ion Of The Mar-Tyr. A tour with Krabathor followed. Sadly, the band and Effigy Records were soon in disagreement and Jeroen and Nolo left. Following Wim Van Der Walk’s short stay Paul Beltman joined in the summer of 1998. Bad luck continued and Wesdijk left in order to concentrate on Pleurisy. Theo switched from guitar to bass and also became a member of Thanatos. He would eventually leave in the year 2000 after the recording of the Gothcrusher demo. His replacement was Willem Hofs. The band recorded 40 Minutes To Impact and upon sending the music to labels obtained a deal with Karmageddon Records. The CD was released in April, 2004 and the band split up on the 17th of March of 2005.



Judgement Day