Out Of The Ashes – 2017 – Art Gates

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G= Dandelium, Father Golem, Aggression>>JANI PIHLMAN>>Aggression – Gauntlet>>DANIEL MILLÁN


D= Father Golem>>JOUNI PIHLMAN

History & Biography
The group was founded by Daniel Millán (ex-Gauntlet). The debut album was taped once a line-up was in place and released on December 1, 2017. It was produced by Jani Pihlman and Javi Perera and recorded at The Metal Factory Studio in Madrid. This record was mixed at TheRedHouse Studio in the UK. The band shot a video for the song Beyond Thunderdome.


There is not a single sub-genre of metal that is more defined by one band than the so-called ‘groove metal’ style. Nearly every band that calls itself or is called groove metal owes its sound to Pantera. Unfortunately, for all these bands, Pantera is hardly a favourite here at Metallian Towers. Juggernaut calls itself groove metal and indeed owes much to Pantera. That is the bad news. The good news is different songs go in different directions and Out Of The Ashes is not a monolithic clone album. The vocals don’t just do a Phil Anselmo impression and here and there the band actually launches ripping volleys at listeners.
The first proper song is Eye For An Eye and the singer does his Anselmo thing and, worse, the band uses keyboards. Why? Cry Of Rage and its deeper vocals follow and are vicious and raging. There is a change of paces and dual harmonies, which would make it a very good metal song, were it not for the Poptera stuff. In fact, much of this album is powerful and breakneck. That is why it is a pity that the singer especially is so star struck and, alongside the band, does a lot of mimicking Pantera. Beyond Thunderdome – the band’s Mad Max-inspired song that also became a video - has an impressive sound, but goes full-on mallcore and has the oh-so-sensitive boy band vocals. Ashes To Ashes (as opposed to an Eye For An Eye?) is a minute-long slow song that gives way to Dust to Dust (as opposed to Ashes to Ashes and Eye For An Eye?) and whose good guitar work is disrupted by commercial vocals and breaks. Shattered Star reminds one of Megadeth lyrically, while Scavengers Hunt is a groove/mall/thrash metal track. The album ends with a cover version of Judas Priest’s Jawbreaker. Vishnu knows the world does not need yet.another.cover.version, but then again these pages have been saying that for over a decade and no one seems to be listening. At least and hopefully, the song teaches this band and other bands, which insist on cover other groups’ music about metal. – Ali “The Metallian”