The Strappados>>JUNKYARD - USA

Junkyard - 1989 - Geffen
Sixes, Sevens And Nines - 1991 - Geffen
Shut Up - We’re Tryin’ To Practice - 2000 - Cleopatra
High Water – 2017 – Acetate
Old Habits Die Hard – 2019 - Acetate

Junkyard image
S= Borrachos>>DAVID ROACH
G= Big Boys>>CHRIS GATES - The Meatmen, Minor Threat>>Brian Baker>>Bad Religion - Decry>>TODD MUSCAT
D= Decry>>PATRICK MICHAEL MUZINGO>>Catfish, Suckerpunch, The Cheatin Kind, Speedbuggy, Battery Club

Junkyard was a crossover hard rock act based in Los Angeles and formed by guitarist Gates. The guitarist had formed the band as The Strappados in 1987 and changed to the new name a year later. The band obtained a deal with Geffen, which brought in Tom Werman to produce the debut. Todd Muscat (brother of Faster Pussycat’s Brent), also of Decry, would join for the band’s 1991 second album, which turned out bluesier. Lynyrd Skynyrd and Junkyard toured in 1991. The band was dropped and unofficially disbanded, but reformed in 2000 and issued a live album. An independent 2003 EP was called Tried And True. The group also played a festival in Spain in 2003. The band played Japan as well. Old Habits Die Hard featured material written while the band was still on Geffen.