Kaamos - 2002 - Candlelight
Lucifer Rising - 2004 - Candlelight

Kaamos image
S= Repugnant, Revokation>>KARL ENVALL>>Revokation, Asmodeus – A Mind Confused>>Johan Thörngren>>A Mind Confused

G= A Mind Confused>>KONSTANTIN PAPAVASSILOU>>A Mind Confused, Gods Of Grief - A Mind Confused, Serpent Obscene>>NICKLAS ERIKSSON>>A Mind Confused, Serpent Obscene

B= A Mind Confused>>Johan Thörngren>>A Mind Confused - Repugnant, Revokation>>KARL ENVALL>>Revokation

D= A Mind Confused>>Thomas Aberg – Grave, Repugnant, Face Down, Serpent Obscene>>CHRIS PISS [CRISTOFER BARKESNJÖ]>>Face Down, Serpent Obscene, Blackshine

History & Biography
Kaamos was formed in Stockholm in 1998 by members of A Mind Confused as a death/black metal band. The band issued a self-titled single the next year through Dauthus, following which Thomas and Johan left. The band issued a demo in 1999 and another independent release called Curse Of Aeons before signing to Candlelight Records. The band’s debut was produced by Messiah Marcolin of Candlemass.

The band played shows in Europe and had Imperium Productions issue its albums on vinyl. An EP called Scales Of Leviathan was issued in 2007 by which the band had called it a day. Kaamos performed its last show at Party-San Open Air festival in 2006.


What we have in my tape deck is the come back of a Swedish death metal unit who under their previous monicker - which saw a split two years ago - had supposed Earache interest. Playing somewhat more aggressively than that choir, the band's new incarnation has somehow amalgamated the pure death feeling into its music, a fact probably accentuated by the muddy look and sound of this whole affair. It is not to be picky with underground output, but I believe I would have had a more pleasurable introduction with these Swedes had the sound been decent. Still, Kaamos (for all I know named after a Greek delicacy) manage to put a little originality into the confines of the three songs Desecration, Blood of Chaos and Cries of the Damned and any underground collector into mid-paced Swedish death metal, which does not sound Swedish, may write the band at Box 605, 13626 Haninge Sweden.

Here is some good news for the few people who really remember what true and old Swedish death metal, like old Necrophobic, House Of Usher or Vomitory, sounded like. Kaamos might have a Finnish name, but the Swedes have a solid album of mid-paced Swedeath on their hands with Lucifer Rising. Let me tell you, the cover looks like it was made with caked mud, but the music is real and devotees of the above-named bands or Grave and very early Entombed will recognize the roots and value of songs like Gnosticon, Inaugurating Evil and Dark Void. The band has gruff vocals, down-tuned guitars and amateurish solos which somehow fit just fine here. Lucifer might not really be rising if this album's eventual sales figures are what she is counting on, but that in itself might speak to the band's quality. - Ali "The Metallian"