Cruel - 1999 - Teutonic Existence
Chasing The Devil - 2002 - Cudgel

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G= Markus 'Mockel' Mouhlen - Mental Aberration>>GESUZ [STEFAN WILK]>>Mental Aberration, Inruinen - MARKUS 'MOCKEL' MOUHLEN


D= Erling Agebbo

History & Biography
Aachen-based Kadath was formed in 1992 as a death metal band called Catalepsy. The members were singer Holger, guitarists Kai and Robert, bassist Tanya and drummer Robin. The latter would leave in 1993 and be replaced by one Rolf whom the band would later call “mega-asshole.” Not wishing to be confused by the other bands called Catalepsy the band would rename itself Kadath in October of 1993. The band recorded two demos, 1994’s Face Your Death and 1995’s Into The Eternal Depths of Sorrow And Desolation, before appearing on a split with Immured. The band was also invited to appear on a five-way split compilation on Wild Rags Records and had scheduled a gig with Agathocles. This show and a proposed mini-tour with Fleshless had to be cancelled because of the line-up problems. Another shared release with Evoke preceded a CD called Twisted Tales Of Gruesome Fates. At the same time, Holger and Marc planned the launch of a fanzine called Brutal Fuck. The band also appeared on a 3-CD compilation by Shiver Records.
Famous German metal producer Andy Classen produced Cruel. Following the album’s release Mouhlen would depart and be replaced by Gesuz. While Mouhlen would return, following the recording of Chasing The Devil Agebbo would depart. Mike Heinemann would join, but Agebbo too would soon return. The band would spend 2003 working on songs for a MCD entitled Decline In Four Acts of War. More line-up upheaval would further bog down Kadath for the next two years.


Kadath is slowly becoming a European death metal institution. After a couple of demos, Germany's resistance to all things weak has released a full length CD and lo and behold the progress is obvious. Please let me define progress though - as this is no over the counter commercial 'metal' magazine. Progress is when a band, such as this German quartet, maintains or increases its speed and heaviness; with improved musicianship, better riffs and deeper vocals! Blistering heavy passages combine with advanced death metal riffing to complement Holger's deepening vocals to make Cruel a must for fans of Fleshcrawl, Cannibal Corpse, Terrorizer, Sinister and beyond. Yes, as titles like Reign of Inner Pain, The Seven Spheres of Dante's Inferno and Trench Warfare demonstrate quality death metal is alive (dead) and not everyone in Europe is sucking up to Cradle of Hype, Dummy Burger, Gathering and other undisguised bullshit. Support this to show your allegiances. - Ali "The Metallian"