Stormkult – 2015 – Folter
Het Zwarte Dictaat - 2021 - Folter

Kaeck image
S= Moloch, The Chosen, Tarnkappe, Standvast>>Hrodulfr [Rudolf J. Nijholt]>>The Chosen, Tarnkappe, Standvast - OOVENMEESTER [RICHARD HERBEN]

G= Sammath>>JAN KRUITWAGEN>>Sammath

B= Kjeld, Gheestenland, Asregen, Uuntar, Tarnkappe>>Swerc>>Kjeld, Gheestenland, Asregen, Uuntar, Tarnkappe, Standvast, Afvallige, Volc Vermaledide, Salacious Gods, Mortifero, Salacious Gods - Skylla, Shadowlord, Sammath>>RUUD NILLESEN>>Sammath

D= Maliën, Dystertid, Autumn In Frost, Gheestenland, Asregen, Uuntar, Tarnkappe>>Swerc>>Gheestenland, Asregen, Uuntar, Tarnkappe, Standvast, Afvallige, Volc Vermaledide, Salacious Gods - RUUD NILLESEN

K= Gheestenland, Asregen, Uuntar>>Swerc>>Gheestenland, Asregen, Uuntar

History & Biography
The band was formed in 2014. Dutch band Kaeck wrote its Stormkult album in a mere seven weeks. Folter, which had worked with Ruud and Jan for Sammath, signed the band. Stormkult was to be released by Heathen Tribes Records on cassette and vinyl in July 2016. The band appeared at Folter Records' Under The Black Sun Festival in 2016. Swerc left the band, but to stay modern and commercial Jan Kruitwagen picked up the keyboards for the second record. A new album was announced for late 2023. This was postponed to 2024.

The band's name is olden Dutch for 'Jaw.' Suitably, the lyrics are in Dutch.