Eschaton - 2017 - Seance

Kafirun image
S= Gloria Diaboli, Hostium, Nordwind, Omnipotence, Vastatum>>LUZIFAUST [TREVOR KING]>>Hostium, Nordwind, Omnipotence, Vastatum

G= The Sarcophagus, Anatolian Wisdom, Alchemy Chamber>>HANEPHI [MEHMET TURAN]>>Anatolian Wisdom, Alchemy Chamber


D= Kymatica, Riftwalker, Trollband>>MESMORPHION [ZAN PETROVIC]>>Kymatica, Riftwalker, Trollband

History & Biography
This black metal band came together by Hanephi and drummer Corpus Vile in Vancouver in 2014 and began issuing one release after the other. Death Worship was a 2014 demo that was pressed on cassette in 2015. Chuck was further saluted in 2015 when the band issued Glorification Of Holy Death. These were compiled into one compilation called The Worship And Glorification Of Holy Death. The Canadians and Transilvania split a 7” next. Séance Records was in charge of the group’s full-length in 2017. The group toured Mexico in 2018. The group reappeared in 2021 with a single called The Seed, The Serpent, The Scythe. This featured drummer Mesmorphion who had joined in 2017. The band cancelled an appearance at Mexico Black Metal Chaos Festival in October 2023. The band was recording in 2023 as well.

The band’s monicker is Arabic for ‘Infidels.’