Heart – 2014 - Warner
World Tour 2015 -20th Anniversary Best- Japan Final – 2015 - Sherow Artist Society
Sang – 2018 - Sherow Artist Society
Dream Live - Symphony Of The Vampire - Kamijo with Orchestra – 2019 - Sherow Artist Society
Live Concert 2021 Behind The Mask - 2021 - Sherow Artist Society
Oscar – 2022 - Sherow Artist Society

Kamijo image
S= Lareine, New Sodomy, Node Of Scherzo, Versailles>>KAMIJO [KAMIJOU YUUJI]>>Versailles




History & Biography
Kamijo became official when Versailles went on hiatus in 2013. Symphony Of The Vampire was a 2014 EP. The EP came through Warner Music Japan, which was Versailles’ label. Royal Blood - Revival Best was a covers’ CD in 2015. Despite members not necessarily getting along, Versailles regrouped in that year. The Empire Of Vampire was a 2015 DVD. Epic Rock Orchestra at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo was a 2018 DVD recorded in 2017. Live Concert 2021 Behind The Mask was a live album and also a video in 2021. An album called Persona was announced and recanted on the occasion of the man’s 25th career anniversary. Japan-based Kamijo had an album called Oscar in June 2022. The solo project of Versailles vocalist Yuji Kamijo had been busy recently with one-off uploads. A supporting series of shows was also announced for 2022 and 2023.

Kamijo utilizes several Versailles members for his solo act as well.