Storm Of The Horde - 2003 - Cold Blood Industries

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Wokkel [Marcel Kok]>>Obtuse, Winter Of Sin, Moan - Winter Of Sin, Obtuse>>WOKKEL [MARCEL KOK]>>Winter Of Sin, Moan

Moloch, Toxocara>>CHRISTIAAN>>Toxocara - Toxocara, Sapiens End, Prostitute Disfigure, Winter Of Sin>>NIELS VAN WIJK>>Winter Of Sin

Seizure, Obtuse, God Dethroned, As It Burns>>Jurjen Kah>>Obtuse, God Dethroned, As It Burns

Toxocara, Grinroth, Prostitute Disfigurement>>Michiel Van Der Plicht>>Prostitute Disfigurement, God Dethroned, Detonation, Apophys, Toxocara, Bleeding Gods, Carach Angren, Mayan, Pestilence, Tyranthrope, Layers Of Devotion, Aran Angmar

History & Biography
Katafalk is a thrash metal band from the Netherlands, which was formed in 1995 by guitarist Chris. The band’s demo of 1997 was entitled Through The Storm and was followed by Promo 2001. This CD led to a deal with Cold Blood Industries, but the band had to issue another demo again in 2004. The band toured with Vomitory in 2005 and parted ways with drummer Michiel. Former drummer Martin (also in Obtuse) would rejoin the fold. Obtuse was formed when three of the band’s members left Katafalk in 2001. Henri Sattler of Cold Blood Industries would guest on the band’s album.

A demo was called Death’s Certification in 2006. The band used the services of God Dethroned’s Henk 'Henke' Zinger as its regular bassist Jurjen was not able to make it to shows in 2007. Henke was returning the favour as Jurjen also filled in for Henke during God Dethroned's European tour with The Haunted in 2005. The official end was 2010.