A New Breed Of Rebellion - 2004 - Metal Ages
The Rising Anger - 2006 - Nightmare
Hymns Of Dissension - 2007 - Nightmare

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S= Tanis, Bone, Switch, The Pedestrians, Irony Man>>Lynn Allers>>Irony Man
G= Arbitrator>>Curtis Morrell - Weird Harold>>Marc Hanson
B= Vivid Image, Malevolence>>DUSTIN MITCHELL>>Tramontane, Riot V
D= Vivid Image, Tormentor>>Matt Suiter

Salt Lake City-based Katagory V was formed in 1999 when founders Curtis Morrell and Dustin Mitchell would meet a rock show. The duo would put together a band and by 2000 began recording a demo at Morrell’s Streamline Studio. Nightmare Records would distribute the demo, but second guitarist Ryan Taylor would depart. The band would get the chance to play with the likes of Anvil and Omen however. Undaunted the band would enter the studio in the autumn of 2002 and independently record an album that would get issued through Metal Ages. More shows followed including one at the pre-show concert of Atlanta’s Prog-Power.

The band would bring on second guitarist Marc Hanson, although Trevor Asire would be used in the interim. The band would again enter the recording studio in late 2004 and would complete The Rising anger in the spring of 2005. Nightmare Records would only release the new album in the spring of 2006. Mitchell would play a local show with Riot upon the band needing a substitute bassist for a show. The group signed with Burning Star Records next and began work on an album called Hymns Of Dissension. The band parted ways with lead vocalist Lynn Allers and guitarist Marc Hanson in early 2008. Hanson returned in 2009. Following the departure of drummer Matt Suiter, bassist Dustin Mitchell was the only member left standing in 2009. Curtis Morrell’s departure meant a loss of songs also forcing the bassist to begin writing songs and new members after his decision to continue the group. He recruited vocalist Albert Rybka and drummer Matthew 'Bizzaro' Lefevre. Resurrect The Insurgence was a 2015 demo that was recorded in 2010 and 2011. The band had already disbanded by the time of its release.


Utah-based Katagory V is not a particularly angry band. The band straddles the line between hard rock and progressive metal and does a competent job overall. The songs are a mix of strong and weak and show that, while several songs are disposable, the band has the ability to pen good songs. The band’s third album gets a mark of sixty (which is above average), but the grade could have been higher had the band not included desultory tracks like Leave Us Behind with its disjointed attitude, weaker vocals and riffing or Hostile Takeover, which despite starting well enough goes absolutely nowhere. In contrast, the band with its Sanctuary-meets-Fates Warning style has several fantastic tunes as well. The title track is the album’s best and quite hard and heavy. Drained is also impressive given the metallic rhythm, fitting vocals and really cool lead guitars. Another above average song is The Elitist, which shows the band’s potential and ability to write world-class songs. The voice of Mr. Lynn Allers strains sometimes and songs like Fading In... need to get an extra punch in them somewhere, but Katagory V certainly is listenable and more. - Ali “The Metallian”


Katagory V