Morgue’s Reality - 2003 - Severe
Catastrophic Scenes - 2005 - Xtreem
Supreme Authority - 2008 - Xtreem
The Rise Of The Unknown – 2019 - Rotten

Kataplexia image
S= Kabak, Dismal Gale, Deepred, Thrashgrinder>>RODRIGO ARTIGA 'FATALITY'>>Thrashgrinder, Kabak

G= Side Effects, Talvella, Bloodlands>>DAVI MOREIRA>>Talvella, Bloodlands - Renascent>>Eero Tertsunen>>Renascent, Angel Of Sodom, The Slave Eye, Symphony Of Heaven

B= Nerlich>>Miikka Merikallio>>Nerlich

D= Kabak, Dismal Gale, Deepred>>RODRIGO ARTIGA 'FATALITY'>>Kabak

History & Biography
El Salvador native Artiga formed Kataplexia in Helsinki, Finland in 2002. The death metal band’s line-up featured several Central American natives, although session musicians are also the norm. The band toured Spain in the spring of 2006. The band’s third album, Supreme Authority, was available in the spring of 2008. The album featured a guest drummer. He was Timo Hakkinen from Sotajumala. A 2014 EP was called. A package compilation was called Scenes Of Supreme Reality and issued in 2017. Olli Wetterstrand was on bass as of 2017, but did not last beyond 2019. Mika of Kraanium was deputized.


Kataplexia hails from Finland, but one would never know it by listening to the band. Of all things, the boys sound like a primitive cross between Suffocation and Fleshgrind. Perhaps it all can be explained through giving the members' names, like Rodrigo Atiga. Songs like Ashes From Our Incinerated Innards (yummy!), Morgue's Reality (yummy!) and Brutal Addiction (yummy!) are simple in form, heavy as hell and take advantage of deep vocals. The production is not too hot, but that goes with the independent and underground nature of the territory one assumes. The cheap nature of things is also reflected in the album's cover artwork which is nevertheless suitable and not bad. - Ali "The Metallian"

Interesting band this Kataplexia. The members reside in Finland, but their sound is heavy. I mean fast. Also, brutal. Manly. There are two ways to look at this. Either these guys never get Finnish girls with their puffy lips, shimmery eyeshadow and mixed up mentality of thinking opera is heavy metal and heavy metal is something from chemistry class or these guys get all the girls because Children Of Bodom and their pretty-boy clones do all the vacuuming at home any way. Whatever the case, quality or not, Kataplexia is an insufferable death metal band with song titles like Endless Suffering, Inexplicable Extinction and Circle Of Sickness. Interestingly, the album’s last two tracks are, in order, ...The Unknown, which is a short instrumental, and The Unknown’s Conquest. A cool fantastic cover envelopes a no-frill album (including the album’s sound) packed with Cannibal Corpse-meets-Deeds Of Flesh material adorned with both deep and deeper growls. - Ali “The Metallian”