Dead Emotions – 2011 – Arcana Noctis
Negativity – 2017 – Loud Rage
Palindrome – 2019 - Loud Rage
Chthonian Transmissions – 2022 – Loud Rage

Katharos XIII image
S= Mysterium, Nocturnal Invocation, Lifewood, Negură Bunget, Argus, Fogland, Ordinul Negru, Apollinic Rites, Kultika, Argus Megere, Ekasia>>F.>>Ordinul Negru, Apollinic Rites, Kultika, Argus Megere, Ekasia - MANUELA MARCHIS

G= Kultika>>Andrei – Negură Bunget, Argus, Dara, Kultika, Fogland, Ordinul Negru, Cursed Cemetery>>F.>>Dara, Kultika, Ordinul Negru, Cursed Cemetery


D= Indefiance, Argus Megere>>Egregor Alin>>Argus Megere, Clone - SABAT

K= Vlad


History & Biography
This band was formed in 2007 and had a demo called Silver Melancholy in 2009. That year also brought a split with Ordinul Negru. Guitarist Saday departed. Romania-based black metal band Katharos XIII was set to release its second full-length album six years after its debut, Dead Emotions. Negativity would feature seven new tracks and was set to be released through Loud Rage Music. Katharos XIII had a 2019 album called Palindrome through Loud Rage. The album contained elements of jazz and doom. The band was Manuela Marchis – vocals, F. - guitars, keyboards, vocals, Sabat – drums, Alex Iovan – saxophone and Hanos-Puskai Péter – bass.

Two years after the release of the Palindrome album, Romania-based Katharos XIII would release its fourth album in spring 2022, a new collaboration with Loud Rage Music. The first single was called Neurastenia and was available in advance. Katharos XIII‘s album was entitled Chthonian Transmissions and released in collaboration with Loud Rage Music on jewel-case CD format and collectors’ edition picture Digipak disc on May 23rd.

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Katharos XIII