Kaiserhof - 2005 - Scarlet
Frame The World...Hang It On The Wall - 2006 - Scarlet

Kayser image
S= The Mushroom River Band, Aeon, Spiritual Beggars>>SPICE [CHRISTIAN STÖSTRAND]>>Spice And The Rj Band

G= Soilwork, The Defaced>>MATTIAS SVENSSON>>The Defaced

B= Rise And Shine, Aeon>>Fredrik Finnander - The Awesome Machine>>Anders Wenander

D= Claustrophobia, Milou, The Mushroom River Band>>BOB RUBEN

History & Biography
Kayser was formed under another name in 2002 (later publicized as 2004 by the band) by several known figures of the Swedish doom and thrash metal scenes. The band would sign to Scarlet Records of Italy after two demos and enter, no surprise, Caesar Studio in order to record... Kaiserhof.
,br> The band would re-enter studio in order to cut an EP called good Citizen in 2006. Finnander would depart though. The band would announce Frame The World...Hang It On The Wall as the title for its second outing. The group announced the cancellation of its previously announced European tour dates due to "logistical problems” in late 2007.


Boy would it be easy to poke fun at these Swedes. The band cannot decide on a definitive spelling for its own name - witness the contrast between the monicker and album names - the album is yet another project for a bunch of musicians active in other bands and the music of the (mostly) former doom metallers is all about Slayer. It would be easy indeed. Then again, listening to this thrash metal fest is so much fun that turning a blind eye would probably work too.
In spite of all of the above, Kaiserhof has many good songs which are hard, heavy, fast, melodic and occasionally blistering enough to be recommended. The album begins with a Slayer-esque inferno complete with old Megadeth solos. This is a surprising twist for these musicians who made a name for themselves in bands like Spiritual Beggars and The Mushroom River Band. More utility is supplied via catchy rhythms like on Good Citizen or the effective slow interlude that is 7 Days To Sink. Kayser is a band with much promise. The style is pure metal, the instruments and vocals are balanced on the perch of aggression and aptness and the know-how is right there too. - Ali "The Metallian"

Reviewing Kayser’s debut album Kaiserhof two years ago I noted the band’s potential and wondered whether they are up to fulfilling it. That album’s oddly named follow-up is now here and it all has seemingly come together. Frame The World...Hang It On The Wall has an odd name and strange cover artwork, but boy is it a fun (and heavy!) listen.
The album features a variety of elements and influences and it is so that the album begins with a riff that could have been Nuclear Assault’s twenty years ago. Kayser 2006 is a mixture of on target thrashing, hardcore vocals and lots and lots of fantastic guitar playing. To get the band’s weakness, to these ears, out of the way Christian’s vocals are too 'hardcore' and his attempts at pop crooning often jarring. Having said that, the frontman knows how to vary his voice to fit the music (or is that vice versa?) and deserves kudos for his artistic credibility. One just wishes that sorrowful chants that repeat “memoooooories” would be banished for something heavier. The music itself is up and down, fast and slow, grating and melodic. In fact, the album reminds one of Anacrusis, not because of its style, but for its admirable trait of playing a fine balancing act without losing its extremeness as a whole. Absence could well be a poppy ditty that covers several moods, but hear the patented '70s Scorpions lead guitar at the seven-minute mark and much is forgiven. A Note From Your Wicked Son comes later in the album and is a fantastic piece of quality riffing. To be unequivocal, the guitar work on Frame The World... is simply amazing. Be the brilliant leads, the solid riffs or the powerful rhythms Mattias and/or Jokke have managed to turn the album into a metal guitar fanatic’s paradise. Add to that a quality production and it becomes time to give the album the Metallian seal of approval.
In fact, it is almost enough to forgive titles like The Cake, Jake and Lost In The Mud! - Ali “The Metallian”