Underwise>>KENÒS - ITALY

The Craving - 2007 - Lucretia
X-Torsion - 2010 - My Kingdom
Pest – 2018 - My Kingdom

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Alessio Giudice>>Black Propaganda, Anthems Of Steel – Grievers, Dying Awkward Angel>>MICHELE SPALLIERI>>Grievers, Dying Awkward Angel



Atto IV>>Sergio Gasparini>>Atto IV, Wotan – Ade, Voron, In Case Of Carnage, Hideous Divinity, Onryō, Deceptionist, Mass Infection, Nero Di Marte>>GIULIO GALATI>>Hideous Divinity, Onryō, Deceptionist, Mass Infection, Nero Di Marte

History & Biography
Kenos was formed in 1996 by Marcello Fachin and Domenico Conte initially as Underwise. A serious of line-up changes left the two alone standing. The group changed its name to Kenos in 2001 and live activity surged. A mini-CD called Rigor Mortis was issued through Mae Production in 2002, but more line-up changes ensued. A new CD called Intersection was issued in early 2003. The Craving was issued courtesy of Lucretia Records in 2007. My Kingdom Music took over in 2010. Italian band Kenos announced the departure of singer Alex Giudice in April of 2011. Michele Spallieri (Grivers and Symmetric Disorder) would be the new singer of the band. Giulio Galati joined in 2015.


Is this album really on Lucretia International? Either the label has changed its signing policy or we have been out of the loop for a while. The label was always known for promoting progressive hard rock and heavy metal bands. This is technical and a touch progressive, but essentially is a brutal go-for-the-jugular death metal CD with a penchant for bashing the listener’s head in. Kenos’ approach is rather unique stylistically, but the output is not that far from Pestilence circa Testimony Of The Ancients with enough speed and soloing to stand apart from the hordes of bands nowadays. The Icon has a softer gothic feeling, its follow-up D-mansion shows some unwanted modern influences and the lame keys make a brief appearance. Still, overall there is more than enough heavy brutality here in a layered outfit to make it all come together quite nicely. The CD has a nice package, enough variety to pull in a bigger audience, yet alas the group has no reputation to speak of, and readers have to rely on reviews such as this to give the Italians and the album a chance. - Anna Tergel