Killaman - 2003 - Displeased

Killaman image
S= Reclusion, Exempt, Murder Corporation, Dawn Of Time>>RUNE FOSS>>Reclusion, Exempt, Pagandom, Puteraeon

G= Deranged, Murder Corporation>>JOHAN AXELSSON>>Deranged, Thorium

B= Deranged, Murder Corporation>>Johan Axelsson>>Deranged

D= Deranged, Murder Corporation, Enuresis>>RIKARD WERMEN>>Deranged, Enuresis, El Camino

History & Biography
Killaman was the thrashier side-project of Deranged men Axelsson and Wermen and was a continuation of sorts for the guys other project, Murder Corporation. The debut featured Axelsson also on bass guitar, although subsequently bassist Kaspar Larsen of Withering Surface was also drafted. A self-titled demo in 2002 was followed by a full-length for this side-project. Roger Johansson of Insision soon joined the band on second guitar.


This is a good one. This is a very good one. Two Deranged members have formed a side-project, recruited a singer and signed a deal with Displeased Records. The music is good, the vocals are good and the sound is strong. Where is the catch then? After all, Killaman is a great thrash record.
Killaman is a practical joke perpetrated by the band upon the label and the listener. This is an Incubus knock-off, plain and simple.
The biography mentions Slayer and G.G. Allin. It mentions the band's origin and the demo. There is a mention of a pit and a reference to the members' other bands. This is a ruse. What they will not tell you is that the guitar sound, the drum sound, the riffs, the fast solos, etc. are all emulations of the godly Incubus album Beyond The Unknown. Admittedly, the vocals are heavier than Incubus', a couple of more brutal riffs strut their stuff - these guys are also in Deranged after all - but the bottom-line is this album's many similarities to Incubus' music. The band knows this, but does anyone else?
Killaman is a great record. It's just that, it is somebody else's great record. - Ali "The Metallian"