Lady Killer - 1981 - Bellaphon
Thriller - 1982 - Bellaphon
Stronger Than Ever - 1984 - Rockport
Young Blood - 1986 - Scratch

Killer image
S= Mark Broman - Mark B. Lay

G= Kaktus, Pure Dynamite>>Crown Kocher>>Pure Dynamite - Grandmother’s Funk, Krokus Asia, Katmandu>>MANY MAURER>>Krokus, Asia, Katmandu, Chris Von Rohr, Grandmother’s Funk - Kaktus, Pure Dynamite>>CROWN KOCHER>>Pure Dynamite - Detroit>>Jan Van Crow

B= Beat Kofmehl - Martin Morelli

D= Ali Allemann - Dani Crivelli>>Krokus, Chris Von Rohr, Ain’t Dead Yet - Ronny Woolf

History & Biography
This particular Killer was a traditional hard rock band from Solothrun (home of Krokus) Switzerland in the vein of AC/DC, Bullet, Krokus and Rose Tattoo. The group was formed in 1979 following the demise of guitarist Crown Kocher’s act, Kaktus. Krokus’ Chris Von Rohr produced its debut 1980 single, Crazy Daisy. The band’s initial claim to fame however was the censored artwork of its debut album, which quickly garnered some press attention. A 1982 release (off the Lady Killer album) called Midnight Highway Rider sounded suspiciously influenced by Accept as well. Stronger Than Ever, ironically, was a flop and with a Motörhead tour being cancelled the group went into a hiatus.
The band constantly changed members and labels until its demise in 1987. Young Blood was directed by guitarist Van Crow. Guitarist Maurer replaced Krokus’ Von Arb on guitar in the latter band. The band reformed after the turn of the century in 2002 with the 1981 line-up, but soon only featured Kocher from the original line-up. Regardless, Killer soon stopped all activity once again citing a loss of hearing among members. The band was then fronted by Andy Lickford.