Killer Dwarfs -1983 - Attic
Stand Tall - 1986 - Maze
Big Deal - 1988 - Epic
Dirty Weapons - 1989 - Epic
Method To The Madness - 1992 - Epic
Reunion Of Scribes - Live - 2002 - Bullseye
Start @ One - 2013 - Independent


S= Oz, Penny Black, Solo>>RUSS GRAHAM DWARF>>Penny Black, Solo
G= Bryce Dwarf Trewin - Helix, Black Star>>Mike Dwarf Hall>>Helix, Black Star - Helix>>Gerry Finn>>Helix - Helix>>GERRY FINN DWARF
B= Ange Dwarf Fodero - RONALD MAYER DWARF
D= Sphinx, Auto/Bon, Laidlaw,>>DARREL MILLAR DWARF>>Auto/Bon, Laidlaw,


Toronto-area’s Killer Dwarfs was as much known for its monicker, humour and antics as for its basic hard rock. The group issued two albums through Toronto independent labels Maze (Varga and Piledriver) and Attic (Lee Aaron, Anvil et al) before going to the majors. Trewin and Fodero had been replaced by this time. The band supported Big Deal via a tour with Iron Maiden on the latter band’s Seventh Son... tour. Gerry Finn was brought in for Method to The Madness. The new and old guitarist would decamp to Helix at the turn of century. The band would perform a show in Toronto in 2001 which local label Bullseye would record and release. A video of the same performance was also in the works. The members have been writing new music on and off while busying themselves with other projects.

Killer Dwarfs would reunite in 2013 to tour for the release of its unreleased album Start @ One. The songs on the disc were recorded in 1993 at Powerlines Studio in Toronto, Canada with producer Fred Duvall. Russ Graham of Killer Dwarfs was released from hospital in May of 2014 and was recuperating after the band was involved in a crash on May 26th in Indiana after playing at the Rocklahoma Festival. The band’s June concert in Toronto was cancelled. Canada-based Killer Dwarfs signed with EMP Label Group in early 2018. The first order of business was a re-release of recent demos.



Killer Dwarfs