Killerbob And The Black Lodge>>KILLERS LODGE - ITALY

Alma Cachonda – 2016 - Diamonds Prod

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G= Denial>>OLLY RAZORBACK>>Denial

B= Cadaveria, Necrodeath, Raza De Odio, Dynabyte>>JOHN KILLERBOB>>Dynabyte

D= Geminy, Athlantis, Raza De Odio, Wild Steel Molosso>>CHRISTO MACHETE [CHRISTIAN PARISI]>>Wild Steel, Molosso

History & Biography
The band was formed as Killerbob And The Black Lodge in 2011. John Killerbob founded the act after the disbandmnet of Raza De Odio. A demo, called In the Name Of Uncle Grappa, and another self-titled one appeared. Olly Razorback joined in 2013. Unnecessary I was a 2014 full-length demo. Killers Lodge, the heavy metal band lead by John KillerBob (ex-Cadaveria and Necrodeath) was going to release its album Alma Cachonda. The official release date was February 27th through Diamonds Prod.



Killers Lodge