Scorched Earth – 2018 – Comatose

Kill Everything image
S= Devourment>>Mike Majewski>>Truth Devoid

G= Devourment, Meshiha, Virulent Excision>>BRIAN "BRAIN" WYNN>>Virulent Excision – Sintury, Disencumbrance, Devourment, Meshiha>>Kevin Clark>>Disencumbrance, Cries Ov Christ, Hate Icon, Texas Murder Crew

B= Prophecy Inc., Ghost Hook, Crimson Thorn>>Brett Wilson

D= Fjellsiam, Worm Food, First Dead Witness, Dead Of Night, Adipocere, Virulent Excision>>SHANE NEWBROUGH>>Dead Of Night, Adipocere, Virulent Excision

History & Biography
The band was founded in 2016. Kill Everything’s Scorched Earth was released through Comatose Music on August 17th. The band featured two former members of Devourment. Mike Majewski left in 2018. His replacement, Phil Holland of Interment, lasted two years. The group was heard on a Comatose Records' compilation called Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty in 2022. Johnny Abila of Adipocere was on vocals.



Kill Everything