Omega Factor - 1993 - JL America
Fall Of The Archetypes - 2010 – Xtreem
Mind Of A New God – 2021 – Xtreem

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S= Nosvampyram, The Rat Race>>PAT BAILEY>>Nosvampyram, The Rat Race

G= Nosvampyram>>Chad Bailey>Nosvampyram – Ebullition, Druid Lord>>CHRIS WICKLEIN>>Ebullition, Druid Lord – Thicket, Ebullition>>DEVON MCDONOUGH>>Ebullition


D= Chris York - Hellwitch, Naphobia, Unholy Ghost, Resurrection, Serpent Son>>Gabriel “Gabe” Lewandowski>>Resurrection, Serpent Son – CHRIS YORK

History & Biography
Killing Addiction was an underground death metal band from Florida formed as early as 1988. The band came to the underground’s attention with the Legacies Of Terror demo, which caught the attention of notable underground rip-off institution Seraphic Decay Records. The Label issued the band’s Necrosphere single. The band recorded one album (Mirror Image Studio - March of 1992) for JL America and duly disappeared in tandem with the label’s demise. Five years flew by before the band reappeared with a new demo called, which was called Dark tomorrow. The Bailey brothers did a black metal project in 1995 before Pat moved to California. Upon Pat’s return, the band was on again as of January of 2006, albeit without drummer York who had departed in 1995. Equinox drummer Gabriel Lewandowski was to record on the band’s EP, Fall Of The Archetypes.

Killing Addiction’s Fall Of The Archetypes was out through Xtreem Music in 2010. The second full-length of the Florida death metal band was out 16 years after the band’s last recording. Killing Addiction had reformed in 2006. Amazingly, only Gabe the drummer was a new member. A new Killing Addiction demo, When Death Becomes An Art, was released in December of 2014. It featured the entire original line-up from the band’s Omega Factor release. Chris York was back on drums. Chad Bailey died in 2016 due to organ rejection and was replaced by Mike Serden. Shores Of Oblivion was a 2016 EP. Killing Addiction was reissuing its debut Omega Factor through Xtreem Music on March 9th 2018. It was originally also issued on March 9th of 1993. Devon McDonough joined in 2020. Mind Of A New God was issued by Xtreem Music on 01.06.2021. The title for the new album is the same as the last song they wrote with guitarist Chad Bailey who died five years earlier.



Killing Addiction