Killing Culture - 1997 - Edel

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G= Wrekking Machine, Lääz Rockit, Gack>>SCOTT SARGEANT>>Skinlab, Murder League All-Stars


D= PAT MCGRATH>>Prototype, Steel Prophet

History & Biography
Los Angeles-area band Killing Culture was formed in 1994 by guitarist Sargeant and bassist Puljiz and featured several known metal scene characters. McGrath supposedly was once in talks to join Slayer. The thrashers album was issued through the German Edel label and was produced by Scott Ian of Anthrax, despite Sargeant holding production credits elsewhere to his name as well. Sargeant would in fact produce the mini album of Dopesick, Memphis native Peyton’s next failed venture. The band managed to tour Germany as part of the Full Of Hate festival in 1997.


To review here is a debut record from a new band on the little-known Edel America label. It all seems very fresh. Yet, behind the names in the line-up stands years of experience. That is a point which the biography does not seem all too anxious to reveal. Case in point being Scott Sargeant whose past excursions include Gack, Laaz Rockit and Wrekking Machine, not to mention several production credits. Still, the music is what counts the most one supposes and one cannot say that it is my style exactly, but what the quartet delivers on this disc is frightfully tight and aggressive. The band exudes elements of hardcore and thrash metal mixed with touches of other styles. Marcus Peyton's voice is a slightly higher version of John Tardy and most of the album is oriented around his vocals. The music, produced by Scott Ian, is aggressively played and well thought-out. An example is And Hate which has both a strong rhythm and instrumentation. Live has a great solo built into it which makes me wonder why the band don't let loose more often. The answer probably lies in the above- mentioned fact that the band's album is built around the vocals of Peyton. World Attraction sounds like the band's other kindred, Grip Inc, while Verse' 19 begins with a thinly-disguised Voivod riff. Those then should give you a picture what the band is all about. No matter, one really should wonder how available this disc will be. - Ali "The Metallian"


Killing Culture