Killing Machine - 2000 - Candlelight
Metalmorphosis - 2006 - Mausoleum

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History & Biography
Out of the may Killing Machines cruising the metal planet, this particular vehicle featured the most veteran and well-known drivers. The band was formed in 2000 and featured guitarist Scheithauer, as well as nomadic singer Vescera. The band’s one album did not make much of an impact and the group was presumed crashed and burned, until the emergence of a new line-up (friends and band-mates of guitarist Scheithauer) and album on a new record company six years later. The members had moved on or worked in different acts in the intervening years. Metalmorphosis was recorded by Bill Metoyer in Los Angeles. Killing Machine was confirmed for thi2010’s Headbangers Open Air Festival, which took place on 29-31 July in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, near Elmshorn, Germany. Kiilling Machine would perform on the main stage on 29th July 2010. Killing Machine had re-grouped as a four-Piece after a four-year hiatus. The then line-up was Csaba Zvekan - vocals, Peter Scheithauer (ex-Temple Of Brutality/Belladonna) - guitar and Jon Dette (ex-Testament/Slayer) - drums. The band has recruited a new bass player to replace Dave Ellefson, who has rejoined Megadeth. Killing Machine had picked up former Stratovarius and current Evergrey bassist Jari Kainulainen. Jari would continue with his position in Evergrey.

Guitarist Peter Scheithauer signed a management deal with Germany-based Rock'N'Growl Management in 2016. The man was working on putting a band together. Members would leave and members would rejoin.


Right off the bat the riff that kicks off this album is taken straight off Exodus' Bonded By Blood. Boom, musically this is both Exodus and Metalium. There is some cool thrashing happening here courtesy of the not-so-unknown quartet comprising Killing Machine who incidentally share the name with the other seminal Americans. Marshall Law/ Loudness singer Michael Vescera, WASP's Stet Howland and Mike Duda and Peter Scheithauer of Stream come together and the result is OK if a little uneven. The vocals have that necessary fire in the belly, but do get monotonous in the high pitch delivery after a while. Musically the band delivers a varied-pace thrash set whose biggest surprise is its appearance on Candlelight Records. TUR recommends this one to fans of Metalium, early Savatage, Loudness and even followers of Agent Steel. - Ali "The Metallian"

Gone are the days when one would pick up a metal album from the local store and hear heavy music buffeted with power and class. Nowadays, any Kerrang-reading kid can pick up a guitar, or more ominously a keyboard, somewhere (likely in Finland) and be hailed by the usual mass of toilet paper on the shelves as metal, power metal, goth metal or whatever else is the logo-du-jour - salsa metal, anyone?
The bygone days still get the occasional peep though. Killing Machine’s second album is a pure-bred heavy metal album replete with speed, heaviness, class and lush power.
The group’s name was also the title of a Judas Priest album and clearly the inspiration behind the American band lead by guitarist Peter Scheithauer. Be it the opening screams of the song Killing Machine or the pounding of Loup Garou with its tasteful riffs or the heavier galloping riffs of What Makes You God?, Metalmorphosis slaps the diluted masses of crud out there with a backhanded swash worthy of a heavy metal album proper. The album’s slower song, Redemption From Genocide, harkens back to '70s Priest, while album closer Burn In The Wind takes a leaf from Sanctuary’s page and has guitars enough to embarrass half of the scene. The voice of newly recruited singer James Rivera reaches the higher echelons of Ripper Owens and even John Cyriis of Agent Steel fame. The dual-guitar work of Peter and current Agent Steel man Juan Garcia are a gift to metal guitar aficionados, with only the drumming playing the role of a follower. The album, however, is encumbered with a mistaken track order on the back cover. Interestingly rebellious lyrics and a vivid production combine to constitute a bona fide metal necessity. - Ali “The Metallian”


Killing Machine