The Burial Begins – 2021 – Battlegod

Killrazer image
S= Grungeon>>DOUG DALTON

G= Ward 13, Suiciety, Grungeon, Dark Order>>DOUG DALTON – Vaticide, Solo, Lazerhawk, Darker Half>>Jimmy Lardner-Brown>>Solo, Lazerhawk, Darker Half, Deiformity

B= Vanadium, Dark Order, Assaulter, Anoxia, Sabire>>ZORAN MRAKIC>>Assaulter, Anoxia, Sabire


History & Biography
The band was founded in 2005. The Killrazer demo was issued in late 2008. Hardline Media distributed it. Many drummers came. Many drummers went. Salt In The Wound was a single sold on the road opening for Coroner in 2014. The Burial Begins was issued in late 2021.

The band, comprised of members of multiple other acts, thrashes and has opened for Malevolent Creation, Dismember, Children Of Bodom, Vader, Sodom and Destruction in Australia. The members have been the touring band for Paul Dianno twice, Blaze Bayley and Tim Ripper Owens. The band had a multinational corporate drink (Monster) sponsor it. The act opened for Soilwork and appeared at Brutefest in 2022. Peter Bursky became the second guitarist in 2022. The band announced it would open for Paul Di'Anno to begin 2014.