The Chains That Bind - 2004 - Sleaszy Rider
Corrosion - 2007 - Burning Star

Kinetic image
S= Acid Death>>SAVVAS BETINIS - Margaret Staikou
G= Inner Fear, Devoid, Bonifade>>MANOLIS MAMAS - Apparently Dead, Zero Hour, Bonifade>>STAVROS BONIKOS
D= Wisdom, Powerdrops>>COSTAS ALEXAKIS

Kinetic was formed in 2002 by several experienced hard rock and heavy metal musicians and was heard on Sleaszy Rider’s Firehouse covers album, Firehouse - All They Wrote. The label also issued the band’s record. The group also had a demo called Soul | Emotion | Flesh. The band went silent for a year, but soon returned with a keyboardist called Vaggelis Kakarouga and a female singer. The group obtained a new deal with Burning Star Records. As of 2007, Mina Giannopoulou was not a part of Kinetic anymore. She would later surface in Karmic Link with Nightfall’s Stathis Kassios. Her substitute was Margaret Staikou. Kinetic’s second album was issued at the very beginning of 2008. A show in Greece was cancelled due to a serious injury of guitarist Stavros Bonikos. Margaret Staikou was soon out of the band with a search ensuing for a replacement. The band welcomed back Vaggelis Kakarougas into the fold in the autumn of 2008. The keyboardist had completed his military service in Greece. Kinetic was in pre-production for songs for the band’s newest recording, Human Horror Industry, in 2010. The follow-up to Corrosion was to be produced by Nick Glykiotis.


Kinetic has returned after a chaotic three-year period with a new album that one can only deem dismal. In the last several years, the band suffered several setbacks, including the exchanging of female singers and labels, but the biggest disturbance is the band’s choice of renewed and added emphasis on the keyboards. Serving to wash over the group’s songs, the synthesizers mess around with the concept of metal and the notion of heaviness. Adding to the injury there is not a shadow of a doubt that Margaret Staikou’s vocals are weak and flat. Her attempts at singing are not only unwarranted but also downright embarrassing and in a case of mistaken strategy highlighted in the mix. For the band not to realize this is simply incredulous. The songs themselves exude little power and are brought further down by the thin production and the most wooden-sounding drum sound this side of an African twig-drumming contest. The notion that this is a drum machine is mooted by the actual sound. It is not the job of a reviewer to seek redeeming notions within a release, but rather to inform and notify readers and potential fans/buyers. Nevertheless, searching for just such a factor Corrosion’s best features are the occasional guitar solos, which show Manolis Mamas’ capability to deliver a nice touch occasionally. Kinetic really needs to re-evaluate its approach, which could easily begin with the ditching of the K&F (Keyboards and Female vocals), a heftier sound and an organic drum sound. For the band to bandy about phrases like “power metal”, “death/thrash” or “black metal” is disingenuous otherwise. - Ali “The Metallian”