Earth Shaker>>KINGCROW - ITALY

Something Unknown - 2001 - Videoradio
Insider - 2004 - Consytech
Timetropia - 2006 - Lucretia
Phlegethon - 2010 - Scarlet
In Crescendo - 2013 - Sensory
Eidos - 2015 - Sensory
The Persistence - 2018 - Sensory
Hopium - 2023 - Season Of Mist

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S= Windseeker, I Suffer Inc.>>Mauro Gelsomini>>Windseeker - DIEGO MARCHESI


B= Matteo Trinei - Giulio Caputi - Angelo Orlando - Solo>>Francesco D'Errico>>Solo - RICCARDO NIFFOSI



History & Biography
Kingcrow from Rome was born in 1986 by the Caffola brothers and after a short bout as a cover band called Earth Shaker turned to original music of the progressive metal variety. The cover band played hard rock mainstays. The Kingcrow monicker was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven story. The band soon recorded a demo with vocalist Sergio Casadei. The singer would soon leave. Undeterred the band recorded and released a demo called Eyes Of Memories. Stefano Tissi was the band’s next singer. The band’s sound evolved into a more progressive state around 1999 and the group appeared at the Prog-Metal Festival. A new demo called Hurricane’s Eyes was issued in 2000. The band recorded Something Unknown in the summer of 2001 and also recruited former Sanitarium guitarist Nastasi. The summer of 2003 meant a new demo for the band (called Matzmariels). Matteo Trinei and the band parted ways. His successor Giulio Caputi would also depart in 2006. The band also signed to Lucretia in 2006 and issued a new album called Timetropia, which was partly recorded in 2005. The band had a new bass player in 2007, Angelo Orlando. Kingcrow picked Phlegethon as the title for its next release, tentatively due in the autumn of 2009. A label had not been announced until Lucretia was confirmed as the company. Cristian Della Polla, Marchesi and Orlando were newer members. Phlegethon, the fifth album from the Italian progressive metal band Kingcrow, was ultimately to be released on May 17th, 2010 through Scarlet Records. The album was mastered at 20Hz20Khz in Naples by Davide Barbarulo. Kingcrow entered a studio to record its next album, In Crescendo, which was due for a late 2012 release. It was eventually issued in 2013. Following Sensory Records’ signing of Kingcrow, the band issued a single prior to its fifth studio full-length, In Crescendo. In 2015, Laser's Edge division, Sensory Records, would issue Kingcrow's sixth full-length studio album Eidos that June. The band signed a management deal with GlassVille Music known for progressive acts like Pain Of Salvation and Riverside among others. The band recorded a new album entitled The Persistence. The album was released through Sensory Records on 07.09.2018. Riccardo Nifosì entered on bass. The next album was on Season Of Mist and called Hopium.


Heavy metal followers seeking a different-sounding entity ought to take note of Italy's Kingcrow. The music is clean and en route to the progressive tag. However, not being there yet, today Kingcrow is an original and compact heavy metal act which relies on a sound all its own. If forced to make comparisons, however, names like Iron Maiden and Fates Warning may cautiously be used. The band is epic in sound and emphasizes melodies of its own. This is a case of less is more though and not a complex CD. The singer is quite an acquired taste who, nonetheless, is a pleasure to hear to these ears for all his original and emotion-laden performance. This even if his strength is not his range. He oddly enough reminds me most of Loudness Minoru Niihara. If one criticism were to be levelled at the band it would be the drumming which is far too reliant on following the rest of the band and rarely attempts anything independent. The band attempts something very soulful and surprisingly commercial with Can My Soul Fly Free. This is where the capability of the lead guitars can be heard. Hurricanes Eye is an instrumental with a short dream-like female voice. The demo features full artwork, booklet, lyrics and a video which only augments this very interesting effort. Stop press: singer Stefano Tissi has left the band. Where this will leave the band is hard to imagine given his unique talent. For more information please visit

Kingcrow's full-length is an ambitious project. The demo is a concept narrating the story of two friends, Jason and Alan, who are caught in a web of events related to project Insider. The band has gone out of its way to create a complete package comprised of the concept, complete artwork and packaging. Kingcrow's music is a mix between hard rock, heavy metal and progressive rock. A distinct Rush influence can be heard through, and the band borrows from Iron Maiden on Eyes Of A Betrayer and Megadeth's Tornado Of Souls song on Lies, but much of Insider is the work of a band thinking its own thoughts. To discover Kingcrow for yourself visit the band's site at - Ali "The Metallian"