Deletion Of Humanoise - 2001 – Worldchaos
Sacrosanct – 2011 - Worldchaos

King’s-Evil image
S= Ritual Carnage>>Wataru Yamada>>Ritual Carnage

G= Ritual Carnage>>Wataru Yamada>>Ritual Carnage - Ritual Carnage>>MASAMICHI YAMADA>>Ritual Carnage

B= Coven, Defiled>>TAKACHIKA NAKAJIMA>>Coven, Defiled

D= Eiji Murakami

History & Biography
King’s Evil was formed as early as 1990 and eventually issued an album through the homegrown Japanese underground label, Worldchaos. The guitarists/brothers would also join Ritual Carnage after the debut’s release. Demo One in 1999 and Live Demo in 1998 had preceded the album. The CD was issued in the USA by Pavement Music and in Finland by Spinefarm. Toshio Komori of Fastkill took over the vocals in 2016, but relinquished the microphone to Takachika and new drummer/singer Yuichi Ishiguro in 2017.

Another band with the same monicker operated in Europe!


Named either after the mythical healing, the book or both, King's-Evil is a Japanese band which thrashes all the way to armageddon and back. Arriving at the Metallian Towers as something of a surprise, this unknown band sure knows how to push the listener to the wall and unlike many of its countrymen does not incorporate any diluted hardcore elements either. Musically it's speed and tight speeding too until the exception (and weakest) song False Pride. Songs like Victim And Hate and Scream are speed fests. The vocals are venomous and reminiscent of Sacrifice and the drums pound away Slayer style. The guitarist is reminiscent of Friedman on Rust In Peace and the sound is right on the money. The lyrics are not quite there yet, though; seemingly disjointed words at times. All in all, Deletion Of Humanoise is a strong and thrashing hammer only further improved by the good sound and repugnant cover art. - Ali "The Metallian"