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Out Of The Silent Planet - 1988 - Megaforce
Gretchen Goes To Nebraska - 1989 - Megaforce
Faith, Hope, Love - 1990 - Megaforce
King’s X - 1992 - Atlantic
Dogman - 1994 - Atlantic
Ear Candy - 1996 - Atlantic
Tape Head - 1998 - Metal Blade
Please Come Home... Mr. Bulbous - 2000 - Metal Blade
Manic Moonlight - 2001 - Metal Blade
Black Like Sunday - 2003 - Metal Blade
Live All Over The Place - 2004 - Metal Blade
Ogre Tones - 2005 - InsideOut
XV - 2008 - InsideOut
Live Love In London - 2010 - InsideOut
Three Sides Of One – 2022 - InsideOut

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S= Servant, Solo, Petra, A.N.M., KXM, Grinder Blues>>DOUG PINNICK>>Petra, Solo, Pound Hound, Super Shine, A.N.M., KXM, Grinder Blues

G= Solo, Platypus, Jughead>>TY TABOR>>Solo, Platypus, Jughead

B= Solo, Poundhound, Supershine, Grinder Blues>>DOUG PINNICK>>Solo, Poundhound, Super Shine, Grinder Blues

D= Servant, Petra, Solo>>JERRY GASKILL>>Petra, Solo

History & Biography
King’s X was formed in 1985 in Texas as a Christian rock band, despite Pinnick’s homosexuality, which was a secret at that time. The band’s name was reportedly borrowed from another King’s X, which featured the brother of Sam Taylor the band’s manager. The group had its roots in the cover band The Edge which was formed four years earlier. The group has consistently received praise for its blend of progressive and hard rock, yet never managed to achieve a commercial breakthrough. The band was signed early on by Johnny Zazula for his Megaforce label. The former label manager for Anthrax and Metallica had shifted his signing policy to what he believed would be the wave of the future after declaring alternative rock to be the music that would replace metal. Megaforce would go bankrupt before the turn of the century.

Atlantic Records distributed Megaforce and King’s X would sign directly to the major label for 1992’s self-titled record. The band would issue a video compilation in 1991 and contribute music to Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey film starring Keanu Reeves. Dogman would feature a Jimi Hendrix cover and come in different cover colours. The group would play at Woodstock ’94. Tape Head would mark the start of the band’s relationship with Metal Blade. During this period the three members would form solo bands and perform outside the group, although they would often contribute to each other’s outings. Ogre Tones would be the first record on InsideOut Music. Doug Pinnick would temporarily front the reunited Living Colour in the summer of 2006 for select shows. King’s X’s XV album was due in May, 2008 through Inside Out. It was produced by Michael Wagener. The album was initially dubbed Go Tell Somebody. Singer Doug Pinnick (King’s X), guitarists Jimi Hazel (24-7 Spyz), Spacey T (Sound Barrier and Fishbone), Greg Fulton (Cyclone Temple and Rwa), bassist Rick Skatore (24-7 Spyz) and drummer Phil D. Fish of Fishbone banded together in A.N.M. (a.k.a. Anti N***ER Machine) in 2009. A record is expected in 2010. King’s X was planning on giving shows where they would play the entire Gretchen Goes To Nebraska album. King’s X was wrapping up a co-headlining run with Accept in autumn of 2010. In 2011, the band was planning a new album and would release Live Love In London, a 2CD/DVD package featuring music from the past 30 years. This release featured two hours of the King’s X live and songs such as Over My Head, Goldilox, Pray and more.

King's X announced a tour of North America for March and April of 2012 for the First Church Of Rock And Roll trek. King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill, who was 54 years old, suffered a heart attack on Saturday February 25th, 2012 however. He was stable. The band cancelled its planned shows. Tales From The Empire: Cleveland 6.26.92 was issued by the band’s Molken imprint in 2010. Burning Down Boston in 2012 was a benefit release. It was issued by the band’s Molken imprint.

KXM was a new 2013 project featuring guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob and Dokken) Adidas rock drummer Ray Luzier (Korn) and bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick (King's X). The band signed with Rat Pak Records. Frontman Doug "Dug" Pinnick was hospitalized in early autumn of 2013 after the band's show in North Carolina. He required further surgery and recovery time from his hernia. The band cancelled its shows. Subsequently, it was revealed that the man had a problem with his lymph nodes. Drummer Jerry Gaskill was recovering after suffering a heart attack during postoperative recovery in the summer of 2014 and required a double bypass surgery. The band cancelled its shows. The drummer was at home and resting. King's X cancelled its European tour in the summer of 2019 due to a family emergency.

2022 brought news of a new studio album. Dug also spoke of his escape from religion and distaste for Christianity in an interview, which alluded to his years in the closet.

King’s X signed with InsideOut Music and would issue its new record that year. It was to be the band’s first studio album since 2008. The band was touring North America, which was supposed to be followed by Europe. The first album in 15 years was called Three Sides Of One and released on September 2nd. A song called Let It Rain was available early. The album was mainly recorded in 2019. King’s X was forced to cancel its European tour, however, due to a medical diagnosis which compelled guitarist Ty Tabor to stay close to home for treatment. USA shows were to continue. Following drummer Jerry Gaskill the month before, guitarist Ty Tabor contracted COVID-19 in November 2022 leading to cancelled concerts.


King’s X is a survivor of the music scene. Most people old enough, remember the trio from 1989 when the band experienced promotion and publicity with the Gretchen Goes To Nebraska that even had the band appear on TV. The band has bubbled under the surface since then but judging by 15 the group is out to recapture some of its old glory.
The songs are, in general, heavier than in recent past. There are moments when the heavy shines through the rock and funk, although the college rock-ish sounds and medleys of The Beatles are there too. With short songs and a dire lack of leads XV might seem as too mainstream upon first several listens. Rocket Ship is probably the album’s most distinct chorus. Repeat listens though show a new vigour and some louder moments even if the diluted Christianity is still all over the lyrics. The song Julie stands out for sounding like old Neil Young and being fronted by drummer Jerry Gaskill who incidentally has the best hair in the band. XV is a mix of different King’s X styles and has a little bit of everything the band is known for. - Sheila Wes Det

dUg Pinnik (unbelievably now in his 60s) of King's X fame has been involved in a myriad of solo and other collaborations over the years. This 11 song solo venture is the latest of these non-King's X releases. What You Gonna Do is catchy and simple (hard) rock with biographical lyrics. If You Fuk Up is reflective with the emphasis given to the lyrics. Speeding Love is enjoyable yet somewhat sludgy and grungy. Courage is perhaps more in the Pearl Jam or Nirvana vein but retains something of King's X and dUg Pinnik. Ain't That The Truth is laid back with the lyrics doing more of the bio thing one more time. That Great Big Thing features the trademark dUg Pinnik 'groovy' bass sound. The Point is a deeply reflective kind of ballad, once again sounding biographical. Take Me Away From You features a heavier sound and a bit of experimentation. I Hope I Don't Lose My Mind is over eight minutes, by far the longest song on Naked, and is another form of storytelling by Pinnik accompanied by some very good guitar work. Heart Attack is bass driven, livelier musically and has its share of catchiness. I'm Not Gonna Freak Out is certainly more reflective and personal and right to the point lyrically.
The Naked title really fits here because a lot is revealed through both the music and lyrics especially. - Anna Tergel


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