Når Alt Dør – 2013 - Blackcrowned

Kirkebrann image
S= Twisted Autumn Darkness, Synkvervet>>Rongner [Truls Ola Almas]>>Twisted Autumn Darkness, Synkvervet - DRAUG

G= Vrangsinn And The Arsonists>>DRAUG>>Vrangsinn And The Arsonists – Svikt, Svidd, Vrangsinn And The Arsonists, Thermal Pulse>>HRAFN HELGASON>>Svikt, Svidd, Vrangsinn And The Arsonists, Thermal Pulse – Visegard, Dimension F3H, Psykdom>>NASRETEN [ATLE IVERSEN BREKKE]>>Visegard, Dimension F3H, Psykdom

B= Synkvervet, Pellek>>Iwan [Ingemar Bru]>>Synkvervet, Pellek – Svikt, Depresjon, Svidd, Vrangsinn And The Arsonists>>SKROEMT [JANUZ KVIRINUS BIFRONSSON]>>Depresjon, Svidd, Vrangsinn And The Arsonists

D= Moloch – Strongwater, Dødheimsgard>>TOMMY THUNBERG>>Dødheimsgard

History & Biography
‘Church Burning’ was established in 2004 or so, but it was not until the year of someone’s lord 2011 when the Vinterblot demo appeared. The cover depicted a church ablaze. A split 12” with Svikt came in 2013. Blackcrowned signed the band and issued the act’s Når Alt Dør in 2013. The band spent the next several years shedding members. Draug took over the vocals. Black Altar and Kirkebrann had a split album called Deus Invenus through Odium Records in 2020.