Kladovest – 2006 - Stuza
Escape In Melancholy – 2009 - No Colours
Atmosphere – 2011 - No Colours
Winterwards – 2014 - No Colours
Ignitiate – 2017 - No Colours

Kladovest image
S= Nemesis, Hyperborean Desire>>Jan "Radalf" V.>>Nemesis, Hyperborean Desire, Cruadalach – Astrofaes, Drudkh, Blood Of Kingu, Hate Forest, Old Silver Key>>Thurios [Roman Blagih]>> Blood Of Kingu, Drudkh, Old Silver Key - Dross Delnoch>>GJENFARD>>Dross Delnoch

G= Flammersjel>>DMITRIY K.>>Flammersjel

B= Flammersjel>>DMITRIY K.>>Flammersjel

D= Flammersjel>>DMITRIY K.>>Flammersjel

K= Flammersjel>>DMITRIY K.>>Flammersjel

History & Biography
The Ukraine-based black metal band was founded in 2004. Dmitriy K. has been responsible for all instruments. A Vintrald contributes lyrics replacing Alexander A, the latter a co-founder with Dimitriy. The band’s monicker related to an eastern concept of the foundation of knowledge. Ukraine’s Stuza Productions issued the band’s debut in 2006. Thurios, who owns the label, joined on vocals. The band signed to the Germany-based white supremacist label No Colours next. Werewolf Promotion of Poland and Tour De Garde of Canada signed up to issue the band’s music on tape in 2014.