Eternity – 2007 – Black-listed
The Book Of Awakening – 2010 – Black-listed
A Falling Blossom Will Bloom Again – 2013 – Stay Gold
The Meaning Of Life – 2016 - Walkure
In The Light Of Hope – 2019 - Repentless

Knights Of Round image
S= Voochang [Yamashiro Yuya]>>Cerebellar Rondo – Eden>>CAZ:NIE

G= Bashikun – Eyes Of Fenrir, Dragon Guardian>>YAZIN>>Eyes Of Fenrir, Dragon Guardian – Masterpiece>>Takeyan [Tokunaga Takeshi]>>Clunge Plunger - RYUSA

B= Takashit – Kackie – Loszeal, Seventh Son>>CAESAR [HONGOO TAKUMA]>>Loszeal, Seventh Son

D= Tongari – Kick-chang – Ancient Myth, Iron Attack!, Thousand Eyes>>Juhki>>Ancient Myth, Iron Attack!, Thousand Eyes – Valthus, Allegiance Reign>>RIHITO>>Valthus, Allegiance Reign

K= Takeyan[Tokunaga Takeshi]

History & Biography
Hard rock band Knights Of Round was Odin briefly before picking up the new monicker in 2003. This band issued a self-titled demo in 2005. The band issued debut in the summer of 2007 with a Black-listed Productions contract in hand. With multiple line-up changes in the ranks the band issued an EP called The Gateway To New Dimension in 2010. Perhaps all the members came and went through a portal. The band issued several independent releases with Dragon Guardian under the Dragon Guardian & Knights Of Round monicker. These were manga –themed releases.

The Odin line-up was briefly reanimated in 2014. Multiple members have picked Chinese aliases.



Knights Of Round