Malus Corpus – 2018 – Rotted Life
Korpskrist – 2020 - Xtreem

Korpsesoturi image
S= Demolisher, Vainaja>>JUHA AHLFORS>>Vainaja

G= None Dare Call It Conspiracy>>JANI ELOKOSKI>>None Dare Call It Conspiracy

B= Vainaja>>JUHA AHLFORS>>Vainaja

D= Winterthroned>>Sami Väkkärä>>Winterthroned – DAAT>>ILMARI TOIVANEN

History & Biography
Ahlfors founded the band in 2014. A self-titled EP was issued by Caco-Daemon Records in 2017. It was initially a bunch of MP3s on the Internet. Väkkärä joined in 2018 and Elokoski joined in 2019. Finland-based death metal group Korpsesoturi signed a deal with Xtreem Music in late 2019 for the release of its next album, whose recording would take place during the first months of 2020 and was set to be released in spring or the summer.

The band announced a new album through Xtreem Music for the autumn of 2022.

‘Soturi’ is Finnish for fighter. The band prides itself on being old school death metal.