Sonho Maníaco – 1987 – Devil Discos
Pay For Your Lies - 1989 - Devil Discos
Mass Illusion - 1991 - Devil Discos
K.Z.S. - 1995 - Devil Discos
Live At Monsters Of Rock - 2000 - Devil Discos
Ties Of Blood - 2004 - Hellion
Discipline Of Hate - 2010 - Laser
Legion - 2014 - AFM


G= Eduardo Toperman - Marcello NiCastro - Sepultura, Agnostic Front>>Sílvio Golfetti>>Sepultura, Agnostic Front – Marcelo Nejem>>Treta - HEROS TRENCH – Chaosphere>>Antonio Araújo – Caos Sphere, One Arm Away>>ANTONIO ARAUJO>>One Arm Away
D= Mauricio Brian - Zema Paes - Jose Mauro - Angra, Shaaman>>Ricardo Confessori - Ratos De Porao>>Roberto Sileci - Mercury Rain, Ancesttral>>RODRIGO OLIVEIRA


Korzus is one of the earliest and most influential thrash metal bands in Brazil having been formed in Sao Paulo in 1983 by vocalist Pompeu. The group issued a self-titled demo in 1984 and appeared on a local metal compilation called S.P Metal II in 1985 before obtaining a recording contract. The compilation was issued by Baratos e Afins.

Oddly, the band’s first album was a mini live album issued by Devil Discos called Korzus Ao Vivo. The same label issued the Sonho Maníaco album a year later. Around this time Golfetti played guitar for Agent Steel for a short while. The drummer here, Zema Paes, would commit suicide in 1987. The band’s next album would be sung and entitled in English and appears in 1989. Guitarist Golfetti would stand in for Andreas Kisser of Sepultura for a European tour two years later when the latter man fractured his hand in an accident. The man had played with Agnostic Front in the USA a couple of years earlier. Korzus toured Europe in 1992. The group’s activity became sporadic after 1995.

A full-length video called Video Historia was issued in 2006. The band issued a new album in 2010. Antonio Araújo was the band’s new guitarist. Brazil’s Korzus would tour Europe in February of 2011 in support of Ektomorf.