Only Our Death Is Welcome... - 1992 - Monitor
Cool Mortification - 1993 - Monitor
Lies - 1995 - Morbid
Orthodox - 1998 - Morbid
Unfortunately Dead - 2000 - System Shock
Dissuade Truth - 2003 - System Shock
Live Radovesnice II. 1989 – 2014 - Underground
Rebirth Of Brutality: Live In Uherské Hradiště – 2015 - Mystic

Krabathor image
S= Martyr, Master>>PETR 'CHRISTOPHER' KRYSTOF>>Martyr, Master

G= Martyr, Master, Evil Incarnate>>PETR 'CHRISTOPHER' KRYSTOF>>Martyr, Master, Evil Incarnate - Shaark>>Rene 'Hire' Hilek>>Hypnos - Shaark>>Martin Mikulec

B= Bronislav 'Bruno' Kovarik>>Hypnos, Melancholy Pessimism, Terminator, Flood - Abomination, Death Strike, War Cry, Funeral Bitch, Speckmann Project, Master, Martyr>>Paul Speckmann>>Master, Martyr, Evil Old Men, Cadaveric Poison, Johansson & Speckmann – Hypnos>>BRONISLAV 'BRUNO' KOVARIK>>Hypnos

D= Petr 'Kopec' Kopecek>>Chaos In Head – Brutalizer, Apoplexy, Dehydrated>>Pegas [Peter Hlaváč]>>Hypnos, Dehydrated - Bronislav 'Bruno' Kovarik>>Hypnos - Martyr>>Libor 'Skull' Libanek>>Martyr, Badface, Bloody Lair – Brutalizer, Hypnos, Dehydrated, Apoplexy>>PEGAS [PETER HLAVÁČ ]>>Hypnos

History & Biography
Arguably the biggest Czech metal band out so far, Krabathor was formed in 1990 - Bruno and Christopher had to take a two-year break to join the military) and soon issued demos called Pocity Detronizace or Feelings Of Dethronisation in 1991. The roots of the band, under the earlier name, go as far back as 1984! Bruno joined founder Christoph in 1986.

The band obtained a recording deal with the Czech Monitor label where it was housed for two albums. The group signed to Germany’s Morbid Records not before issuing The Rise Of Brutality mini-album. The band spent much of 1995 on the road in Europe opening for Impaled Nazarene, Grave and even Cannibal Corpse. The band issued a full-length video in early 1995 called Night Of Terror featuring a show filmed in November of 1994. A lone show was planned and executed for Milwaukee Metalfest. The band even made it to South Africa in 1998. Several members decamped earlier to form Hypnos, while drummer Libor was also in Martyr with Krabathor main man Christoph. Master’s founder Paul Speckman would move to Europe and join the band. He would play on Unfortunately Dead (a Jesus reference) and Dissuade Truth, although he would deliberately be excluded from song writing in order to differentiate Master and Krabathor. The band would move to System Shock and die out after two albums. The band’s demise came in 2004 when the band’s founder would immigrate to the USA. Christopher would join Evil Incarnate in 2008.

Because no metal band actually ever disbands and everyone must come back, Krabathor re-appeared in 2014. Paul Speckman was no longer in the band, but drummer Pegas and bassist Bruno were back. First order of business was issuing an older live recording. Second order of business was several compilations. Third order of business was issuing a newer live recording on CD and DVD.


Czech Republic's premier metal export has just released what will remain its definitive album. Through thick and thin, glorious and tenuous days, metal has stood all attack from within and without with adamantine resolve. Years of media and industry indifference, inattention and discouragement have clearly failed when in 1998 an album like Orthodox can land unto one's desk rearing its head proudly for all to see. Power blasts out of the boxes as the CD mixes the best elements of Napalm Death, Infernal Torment (Orthodox) or Sinister (Touch The Sun) to produce an album pure in its morbidity and shaped as a weapon of mass destruction. With vocals from the depths of hell and a bass rambling as if on a mission unstoppable (Parasites), the newly regrouped Krabathor comes alive in a burst of energy. Death metal fanatics should own this; there is nothing orthodox about it except its devotion to its art. - Ali "The Metallian"

First Alben?? Like now I will begin to write in Deutsch?? Aside from having the honour of owning the first bilingual album name, Czech Republic's veterans Krabathor have put their first two albums (previously released only in their home country by Monitor) together on one disc and released it through Morbid, something which the label sorta did with Obscenity a while back and something that the label will hopefully stop doing once the sales figures start rolling in - ha! Let the underground remain the underground, I say. Still the music on album number two Cool Mortification (something got lost in the translation here) is rather good and enjoyable. The debut, Only Our Death is Welcome, doesn't uphold the same values perhaps, but we might as well go with it. Buy it for what it is. - Ali "The Metallian"


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