Puritan Disbelief>>Kveldriður>>KROMLEK - GERMANY

Strange Rumours... Distant Tremors - 2007 - Trollzorn
Finis Terrae - 2011 - Trollzorn

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S= Valaskjalf>>MR ALPHAVARG>>Antrisch - Valaskjalf>>Mr Alphavarg>>Antrisch

G= NHÉVANN [ROBERT KLEIN]>>7th Abyss, Antrisch – FORADH

B= Infernal Blasphemy>>T’BOG [ALEX MICHAJLOV]>> 7th Abyss, Antrisch

D= Rising Sunset>>SGRA [JULIAN DIETZ]>>Ära Krâ


History & Biography
Kromlek considered itself a pagan metal band – as depicted in its biography – and claimed to “overrun” genres while using German, English, Swedish and more in its lyrics. A 2004 demo was called Der Fall Des Renegaten. Soon guitarist Hrím and keyboardist Hrísdólgr were recruited. Bassist Rico was out. The name changed to Kveldriður before Kromlek was picked. Trollzorn issued the 2005 EP Kveldridhur. Elexion and Kromlek played several shows together in 2007. The group was featured on the Hard As Iron DVD in 2008. Alphavarg left in 2009 only to soon re-join.

There was a new album in 2011, but also death in 2012. Three members regrouped in Antrisch in 2020.


Kromlek is not the worst band ever or the worst of its lame flash in the pan sub-genre, but the Germans stink to high heaven nonetheless. Let us put aside the thin production and try to get a grip on the music here, which, of course, is utter bollocks - a trait of all so-called folk metal bands.
As is formulated, a couple of girlfriends of the guys, half a dozen semi-men and some anti-metal instruments congregate and douse art in flames, get interviewed and praised by half a dozen Johnny-come-lately wimp webzines and... the band will then disappear. Such is the fate of Kromlek.
The thin sound is riddled with keyboards, croaking vocals and indeed the odd good guitar segment. Moritvrvs Immortalis is perhaps the most clichéd folksy of the bunch, but every other song is as bad or worse! The band even includes several dancey techno parts. Some lyrics are in Germans; others in English and most no one cares about because the music is so laughably wimpy.
Were this the Iron Age the band would get its ass kicked and become extinct - just like how a metal band today would so easily destroy the Krap. - Ali “The Metallian”