海圖 Kaizu – 2013 – Taiyo
Blanko – 2014 - Taiyo
The Deepest Place – 2018 - Taiyo

Kruberablinka image
S= Terra Rosa, Yukihisa Kanatani>>KAZUE AKAO>>Terra Rosa

G= Jerusalem, Precious, Terra Rosa, King’s Road, Bad Loser, Aphrodite, Blue Symphony, Muthas Pride>>HIROMI SUZUKI>>Blue Symphony, Muthas Pride

B= Kouichi Yamasaki

D= Isis, First Crime, Pentagram, Romanza-Bekkan>>Satoshi Izutani>>Romanza-Bekkan

K= Blue Symphony, Rachel Mother Goose>>Hideyuki Okada>>Blue Symphony, Rachel Mother Goose, Forcefield – Isis, L'Evoluzione, Galneryus, Seventh Heaven>>Yoshinori Kataoka

History & Biography
Kruberablinka is an incarnation of Terra Rosa, which was founded in the early 1980s, since 2011. This project was founded by Terra Rosa singer Akao Kazue who recruited her guitarist band-mate. The female fronted hard rock band appeared with a self-titled demo EP on its own imprint, Taiyo in 2011. The duo had thought of the project as a one-off at this stage. The band would continue to use this imprint for all its releases. 2012 brought The 2nd Live On May6 CDR demo. 海圖 Kaizu arrived in early 2013. Marino bassist Manabu Kamada was a guest on Blanko and The Deepest Place. Keyboardist Okada left in December 2014. The Enma EP was only available digitally. The band ceased activities in April 2021. The singer announced she would pursue solo work.

The band had been gigging incessantly. The monicker is a made-up magical spell.