A Dying Truth – 2020 – Daymare/Profound Lore
Untopia - 2023 - Profound Lore

Kruelty image
S= 02 - Cadaveribus>>ZUMA [KOHEI AZUMA]>>Cadaveribus

G= Kentaro – MCD - Without Defeat, Cadaveribus>>ZUMA [KOHEI AZUMA]>>Without Defeat, Cadaveribus

B= SE7


History & Biography
The crossover band came together in 2017. After an initial demo, the band followed it up with another called Phøbia. Counterfeit Killers Syndicate was a split release for Kruelty, Universe Last A Ward and Mirrors in 2018. Entrevista Con Los 3 Asesinos! was a Kruelty, Anal Volcano and Geropetoro split the year after as was The Beginning Of The End with Moment Of Truth. A demo – again featuring a samurai on the cover – was called Introduction To… in 2020. This lead to the band’s full-length. Immortal Nightmare was an EP in the same year. This was out through the band’s own Dead Sky Recording. Japan-based Kruelty released a 2021 single called Closer To Death. It was also a part of a One Scene Unite Vol. 1 compilation due through From Within Records. Kruelty Promo 2021 was also released.

Japan-based crossover group Kruelty was to head to the USA in early 2022 as support for Year Of The Knife‘s headline tour. The band and Terminal Nation had a split release through 20 Buck Spin in 2022. The Ruination Of Imperialism was perfectly titled given that the bands hailed from the USA and Japan. Untopia came in mid-2023. Zuma was the new singer and guitarist. The group toured Canada and USA in the summer. The act and Saigan Terror were using the Untopia Sea Tour monicker to tour Southeast Asia in June 2023.