Redemption Through Looseness - 2007 - Listenable
For Death, Glory And The End Of The World - 2010 - Listenable
Adam And Steve - 2014 - Listenable

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G= Abraham>>Jak [Jacques Viredaz]>>Abraham - MARGO [ETIENNE MARGUERAT]>>Abraham, Orso - RAUL BORTOLOTTI>>Orso



History & Biography
Members of Sludge, Sweet Disease and Rude formed Kruger in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2001. The group’s own label Ronald Reagan Records soon released the Built For Speed demo. Bassist Makro left in 2003 to focus on Samael and Sludge. Another demo called Cattle Truck followed in 2004 before the band signed to Listenable Records in 2006. Redemption Through Looseness was issued in 2007. The group was working on a new album in 2009. Switzerland’s Kruger would release its next album, For Death, Glory And The End Of The World, in February of 2010 through Listenable Records. The album was recorded at Déclanché studio in Yverdon, Switzerland. The band self-recorded a MLP called 333 in 2013. Guitarist Jak had left in 2012. The group's swansong was called Adam And Steve. The act announced a farewell tour of Europe for early 2015 citing members' availabilities and schedules as the reason for disbanding. A London concert was cancelled, but the band scheduled a free gig as replacement. The final concert was in Lausanne, with Coilguns. Several members regrouped in Orso.


Redemption Through Looseness is the debut album of Kruger, a band name whose origins have been lost in Lake Geneva. The band’s sound and style source, however, are not in dispute as the band itself would attest. Neurosis, Breach and alternative rock are the names of the game. The Swiss five are relevant here though. The music is a mix of the aforementioned cranked up loud, distorted, mega bass-oriented and full of big (but not unwieldy) riffs. Crusaders’ bass line is straight from the school of Motörhead. The cover artwork is an acid trip through the annals of Jesus Christ and Reno’s voice both shouted and deep, but firmly rooted in the obscure emotive tradition of Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy or Sisters Of Mercy-gone-metal. Then again, Army Of Lovers has Reno invaded by the larynx of Ozzy Osbourne. The riffs are dangerous here. Even better is Holy Fire with the patented chords of The Cult at the beginning and the end. Cool song title of the disc: War & Wine. Sadly true song title of the disc: Hummers Vs. Pedestrians. - Ali “The Metallian”