Young Voices>>KRUIZ - RUSSIA

Krutits'a Volchok - 1980 -
Poslushaj, Chelovek - 1981 -
Puteshestvije Na Vozdushnom Share (live) - 1983 - SBI
P.S. Prodozhenije Sledujet - 1983 -
KiKoGaVVa - 1985 -
Kruiz-1 - 1986 - Melodia
Kruiz - 1988 - WEA
Live At Robin Hood Festival - 1994 -
Gain - 1995 -
Vsem Vstat' - 1996 -


S= Alexander Monin - Gain, Karma>>VALERIE GAINA>>Karma, Gain
G= Gain, Karma>>VALERIE GAINA>>Gain, Karma - Konstantin Titov
B= Alexander Kirnitsky - Piotr Makienko - FYODOR VASILYEV
D= Nickolay Chunusov - Igor Drozdov - Andrey Novikov - SERGEY EFIMOV>>Udar
K= Vsevolod Korolyov - Matvey Anichkin - Vladimir Kapustin


Moscow’s Kruiz (KPYN3) was first formed in 1978 as a rock band called Young Voices, but apparently was ordered to disband by the Soviet authorities five years later. The band, and in particular guitarist Valeri Gaina, reformed the band as a heavy metal band however. The band was taken over by the new members eventually and despite a European tour disbanded and came back again as a rock band. Kruiz from 1988 and Gain feature English lyrics. The former album was recorded in Russian for the domestic market. The band opened for AC/DC and Metallica in Russia in 1989. Apparently, several members defected to Italy as political refugees and Gaina moved to the USA where he joined Karma. Gaina reformed the band in 2001 or 2002 as a metal band once again.

The albums in the latter half of '90s are classified as metal. The band has sold millions of records in its homeland.