8 On The Richter>>KRYPTOS - INDIA

Spiral Ascent - 2004 - Clandestine Musick
The Ark Of Gemini - 2008 - Old School Metal
The Coils Of Apollyon - 2012 - AFM
Burn Up the Night – 2016 – AFM
Afterburner – 2019 – AFM
Force of Danger – 2021 - AFM

Kryptos image
S= Ganesh K. [Ganesh Krishnaswamy]>>Bevar Sea, Witchgoat - Witchgoat, Aeons Of Sorrow>>NOLAN LEWIS>>Witchgoat, Aeons Of Sorrow

G= Witchgoat, Aeons Of Sorrow>>NOLAN LEWIS>>Witchgoat, Aeons Of Sorrow – Millennium>>ROHIT CHATURVEDI>>Millennium

B= Jayawant Tewari – Ganesh K.>> Witchgoat, Cauchemar, Megadrone – Cauchemar, Megadrone, Witchgoat>>GANESH K. [GANESH KRISHNASWAMY]>>Megadrone, Witchgoat

D= Ryan Colaco – Neolithic Silence, Witchgoat>>Anthony Hoover>>Witchgoat – Regicide>>VIJIT SINGH>>Regicide

History & Biography
Ganesh handled the vocals on debut before stepping back. He left in 2005 and returned in 2013. Indian metal band Kryptos would release an album, The Coils Of Apollyon, on September 21st, 2012 through AFM Records. They band was featured in the Global Metal documentary in 2008. The band was formed in 1988 after operating with another monicker for two years. The group appeared at Wacken in 2013. Vijit Singh joined for the 2021 album. That album had a video for the song Hot Wired.