Summi Verbi Lucifer – 2011 – Lo-Fi Creatures
Voluntas Luciferi – 2014 – Deathstorm
Fidem In Lucifer – 2016 – Pagan War
Satanization – 2018 - Hammer Of Damnation

Kurgaall image
S= Provocator, Nagark, Bowel Stew, Vulgaris>>LORD ASTAROTH [GIOVANNI MARRETTA]>>Provocator, Nagark, Bowel Stew, Vulgaris

G= Nagark>>Nippland [Simone]>>Nagark – Solo>>Iblis>>Solo

B= Nazgul - Malpas>>Vlad>>Malpas - Xaphan

D= Murgur - Aamon

History & Biography
The group came together in 2005. It split up in 2015, but quickly returned to the scene. A 2009 demo was called Death To The Infidels. A split with Bleeding Fist, called Black Metal Mafia, was issued through Eternal Winter Records. Italy-based band Kurgaall had a video for the track Satanization, which was the title-track from the band’s 2018 full-length, which was set to be released worldwide through Hammer Of Damnation.

Over the years the band has played with bands like Taake, Tsjuder and Vader.