IAOLTDOTAD – 2014 - No Colours
Rye. Fleas. Chrismon. – 2015 – No Colours
Trilogy: Burn Out the Remains – 2016 - Ashen Dominion
26 – 2018 - Ashen Dominion

Kzohh image
S= Djur, G.A.R.M.>>Zorn>>Djur, G.A.R.M. – Reusmarkt>>ZHOTH>>Reusmarkt

G= Thunderkraft, Runes Of Dianceht. Ulvegr, Ygg, Khors, GreyAblaze>>OLEG ‘HELG’>>Ulvegr, Ygg, Khors, GreyAblaze

B= Astrofaes, Khors>>KHORUS [OLEKSANDR BOGATYKOV]>>Khors

D= Whites Load, Nokturnal Mortum, Runes Of Dianceht, Ulvegr, Elderblood, GreyAblaze, Twilightfall>>ODALV [GRIGORIY SEVRUK]>>Ulvegr, Elderblood, GreyAblaze, Twilightfall

K= Xul, Reusmarkt>>HYOZT

History & Biography
The keyboard-laden ‘death/black metal’ band was formed in 2014 as a Khors-affiliated act and immediately set out to release music. The racist No Colours issued IAOLTDOTAD in October of the year of many people’s lord 2014. Singer Zorn left in 2015. Ukraine-based Kzohh’s Trilogy: Burn Out The Remains album was out through Ashen Dominion. Kzohh released 61°45’17″N,59°27’46″E teaser from the upcoming album 26, which would be released in 2018 through Ashen Dominion. The title referenced the location of a violent death scene.

The band’s monicker is an acronym of the members’ aliases. The members enjoy each other’s company in multiple other acts and also do not hesitate to join other groups indiscriminately.