Greater Art - 1994 - Black Mark
Headstones - 1995 - Black Mark
A Crimson Cosmos - 1997 - Black Mark
Forever Autumn - 1999 - Black Mark
The Neonai - 2002 - Black Mark
Black Brick Road - 2004 - Noise
Moons And Mushrooms - 2007 - Dockyard 1
Illwill - 2011 - AFM
By The Black Sea - 2014 - AFM
Ominous – 2021 - AFM

S= Carnal Eruption>>DANIEL BRENNARE
G= Carnal Eruption>>DANIEL BRENNARE - Carnal Eruption>>Jonas Eriksson - Celeborn, Dismember, Tiamat>>Magnus Sahlgren – Fierce Conviction, Conviction, Ablaze, Egonaut>>Fredrik Jordanius>>Ablaze, Egonaut
B= Carnal Eruption>>Mikael Larsson
D= Forsaken Grief>>Johan Oudhuis
K= Evocation, Cemetary>>Christian Saarinen - DANIEL BRENNARE

Several former death metal band colleagues looking to form a subtler band formed Sweden’s Lake Of Tears in 1992. A 1993 demo garnered interest from the Swedish/German label Black Mark Productions which signed the band to a long-term contract. The band entered Sunlight Studio in Stockholm and used Tomas Skogsberg to record its debut. Also assisting was Matthias Lodmalm of fellow Black Mark band Cemetary. Conducting female backing vocals on A Crimson Cosmos was Ms. Jennie Forsberg (Jennie Tebler) the daughter of Black Mark owner Boss. She would also sing n the band’s The Neonai album. Several tours followed (unusual for a Black Mark band) before Eriksson left in 1997. Ulrik Lindblom was a temporary guitarist. Keyboardist Christian Saarinen was recruited just before the turn of the century in order to emphasize the band’s ever more gothic sound. He would officially remain for one album. Nevertheless, the band announced its farewell and disbandment in January of 2000 with individual members announcing solo ventures. Instead, the group joined Noise Records’ roster for 2004’s Black Brick Road. A contract was signed in October of 2003. The group signed to Dockyard 1 a year later. Moons And Mushrooms was delayed by a year and its self-titled name changed. The album officially featured former contributor Sahlgren. The Swedes were scheduled to play a concert in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon on January 9th, 2009. The band signed with Germany’s AFM Records that year. A new album was due before the end of the year 2009. Instead it arrived in 2011. Lake Of Tears released a new album, Illwill, on April 29th through AFM Records. In 2012, the Russian Lake Of Tears fan site and Fono Ltd. released Twenty Years In Tears - A Tribute To Lake Of Tears, which was a double-disc tribute compilation to the Swedish band. Lake Of Tears would issue a live album on January 31st, 2014. By The Black Sea featured 16 songs recorded earlier in 2013 in Bucharest, Romania and will be available as DVD/CD set. By the time Ominous was issued this band was a solo act.


Don't mind the bullocks! After a long period of silence (for me) Germany's Black Mark production is now back courtesy of their US office to again release records on these shores. Not knowing whether this is a permanent affair or if the label's complete roster will be released here we delve into the return of LOT who come at me with a very mystic/ romantic booklet which I rather like. Musically, after listening to this, I fell in love...with my TV! It's hardly the stuff of legends for a dedicated metal fan. But I can well imagine adequate sales for this brand of Metallica-meets-Pink Floyd music. I am not kidding, the description is completely apt for this bunch. Less doom and more soft pop, the new Lake of Tears while not remotely hard or heavy can nonetheless appeal to a certain market if promoted properly. But let me end by pointing out two things: first the enclosed bio which is so funny in its grammar and diction - a lot has suffered in translation from German or Swedish. It's absolutely hilarious. Second is the band's manager whose address is care of German poser mag Rock Hard. Let me go out on a limb and guess the band received one of those top notch marks in that mag which is solely reserved for wimps and posers. - Ali "The Metallian"


Lake Of Tears