Thrill Show – 1994 – Tokuma Japan Communications
Poison Whiskey – 1995 – Nippon Columbia

S= Soichiro Dobashi>>Blood Circus
G= Bronx, The Bronx, Solo>>ATSUSHI ‘MR. JET FINGER’ YOKOZEKI>>Solo, The Slut Banks, Madam Rey
B= Ziggy>>NORIO TOSHIRO>>The Slut Banks
D= Bow Wow, Vow Wow>>TOSHIHIRO NIIMI>>Bow Wow, Vow Wow, The Slut Banks

Sounds erotic. Tokyo-based hard rockers Lance Of Thrill were active between April 1993 and 1996 and were heard first through the 1994 album, Thrill Show. The band was identifiable through its distinctive vocals, shredding guitars and offbeat riffs. The album was produced by Allen Isaacs wo would work with Sex Machineguns and Akira Takasaki. Unusually, the band’s second release was a live video called Live GIII. It was recorded at Nissin Power Station, which is a concert venue and not an electricity generating station. The members were adorned in colourful costumes. The second album was called Poison Whiskey, which obviously portended the end. Singer Dobashi would be the first to wave goodbye. The other musicians regrouped as The Slut Banks.



Lance Of Thrill