My Dead Ocean - 2014 - Satanath
The Last Pier - 2015 - Deleting Soul
Live 2017 - 2017 - Nihil Art
Crushed By Waves - 2019 - Satanath

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S= Post Traumatic Syndrome, The Happiness Cage, Emptiness Soul, Frost Flame, K.M.>>KATHAROS [KIRIL ANDREEVICH]>>Frost Flame, K.M.
G= Sona Nil>>AMDUSIAS [IVAN USKIREV]>>Sona Nil - Sona Nil>>SHOGGOTH [EDUARD KOSHLETS]>>Sona Nil - Post Traumatic Soul, Emptiness Soul, The Happiness Cage, Hyperborean Forest, Frost Flame, Epitaph of Life, K.M., Sona Nil>>KATHAROS [KIRIL ANDREEVICH]>>Hyperborean Forest, Frost Flame, Epitaph Of Life, K.M., Sona Nil
B= Emptiness Soul, Hyperborean Forest, The Happiness Cage, K.M.>> KATHAROS [KIRIL ANDREEVICH]>>Hyperborean Forest, K.M.
D= Emptiness Soul, Kabalah, Sona Nil, Hyperborean Forest, Epitaph Of Life>>FUNERAL [ANDREY ANDREEV]>>Kabalah, Sona Nil, Hyperborean Forest, Epitaph Of Life

This atmospheric band was founded in Komi in the north of Russia in 2013 and issued a 2014 EP called Horizons, Satanath Records of Russia picked up the band and My Dead Ocean was released. Winds Of Hope was a 2015 EP. Deleting Soul issued The Last Pier in the same year, The band uploaded a few songs and called it the Hidden Ancient World EP in 2019.

Katharos operated the band as one of his dozen projects until 2017. He was then joined by a bunch of other guys. Sometime around 2015 every band started calling itself "post-'musical style.' and these guys were onboard the trend.


Led by the prolific Katharos this nine-song album opens up with three minutes of a piano led intro setting the stage for a low key and grim song that moves between metal and acoustic ambient. Another long song follows and again flows between differing styles. Acoustic guitars, slow guitars and atmospheric moods turn into black metal at will. This is the presumed definition of post black metal. How much a metal attribute applies to this is questionable. It is surely difficult to always believe a songwriter who non-deliberately moves between growls and melancholy within seconds within whole albums without questioning the genuinity of it all. Of course Katharos et al are hardly the first to express themselves in such a manner. Crushed By Waves is not without its highlights and the melody can be catchy and even effectively used within a song like Whose Dream You Don't Dare Disturb. The song is reminiscent of the death metal and black metal bands that once managed to infuse just enough variation or depth into a song. Crushed by Waves is then an album that takes the contrasting sounds too far and on occasions not as much. Through The Gates is one example of the former. A song called Her Name Is Thousands Of Stars is somewhat predictable in such terms. It is up to the listener to decide how far is too far. – Anna Tergel