Leatherwolf - 1985 - Tropical
Leatherwolf - 1988 - Island
Street Ready - 1989 - Island
Wide Open - 1999 - Perris
World Asylum - 2006 - Massacre
New World Asylum - 2007 - Nil8
Kill The Hunted – 2022 – Rock Of Angels

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Mike Olivieri>>Hail Mary, Solo, Soulsign – Seven Witches, Lucian Blaque, Crimson Glory, Tiwanaku, Leash Law, Sector 9>>Wade Black>>Black Reign, Disaster/Peace, Lucian Blaque, Clockwork Revolution, Chalice Of Sin, War Of Thrones, Wade Black's Astronomica – Solo, Hail Mary, Soulsign>>Mike Olivieri>>Solo, Soulsign – Ninja Gandhi>>KEITH ADAMIAK>>Ninja Gandhi

Mike Olivieri – Denim And Leather, Hail Mary, Katagory V>>Geoffrey Gayer>>Denim And Leather, Hail Mary, Katagory V, Haunt Of Jackals – Hail Mary>>Carey Howe>>Hail Mary, Haunt Of Jackals – Lightning Strikes>>ROB MATH>>Lightning Strikes – August Redmoon, Railgun>>LUKE MAN>>August Redmoon, Railgun

Stryper>>Matt Hurich>>Stryper, Divine Right – Black Sheep, Hail Mary>>Paul Carman>>Hail Mary – Riot, Spastic Inc., Reverend>>Pete Perez>>Karion, Spastic Ink, – Guy Mann-Dude, MSG, Cosmosquad, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken, UFO, Marty Friedman, B'z, Roland Grapow, Miloš Dodo Doležal, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, Ted Nugent, John West, Durbin, Sabu>>BARRY SPARKS>>MSG, B'z, Durbin, Sabu

The Rod Squad>>DEAN ROBERTS>>The Rod Squad

History & Biography
Los Angeles’ Leatherwolf was a unique heavy metal band in the '80s known for its three-guitar line-up and eponymous albums in 1984 and 1988. Leatherwolf was formed in 1981. Carey and Dean were in one band. The group had signed to Enigma’s Tropical imprint after gigging locally. Tropical would release the band’s 1984 EP and 1985 LP. Coincidentally, the band’s next step after Tropical was Island Records. Matt Hurich would join Stryper in 1986 as a replacement for the white metallers’ bassist Tim Gaines. Stryper’s first show with Hurich ironically was with Leatherwolf!

The group was eventually dropped in 1989 and the band members would idle away in Hail Mary before the inevitable reunion ten years later and the appearance at the Wacken festival, albeit with a new line-up. Following the break-up Olivieri had tried his hand at auditioning for other bands like Badlands. Olivieri would leave in 2000 apparently uninterested in heavy metal and was replaced by unknown frontman Chris Adams. Olivieri would return, foreshadowing a future pattern, but would not stay long. Jeff Martin of Racer X would be in and out next as a singer/guitarist. World Asylum featured Wade Black on vocals, although strangely Olivieri would be involved as well. Wade Black was gone by the autumn of 2006 citing financial hardship. The group would hit Europe and the Keep It True Festival in 2007. Carey Howe and Mike Olivieri had returned by now thus restoring the three-guitar line-up. Olivieri rerecorded vocals for a new self-cover version of World Asylum. Michael rejoined the band after vocalist Wade Black left the band in November 2006. The band parted ways with guitarist Geoff Gayer in the midst of its European tour in late 2007. The band had had to cancel its last show in Italy as a result. Leatherwolf singer and guitarist Michael Olivieri issued a solo album called Goodbye Rain in December, 2009. The band was slated to tour Europe using the Metal Masters Tour monicker with Vicious Rumors and Seven Witches in the early spring of 2013. Leatherwolf was joined by bassist Paul Carman for its June, 2013 shows replacing bass player, Pat Guyton. Leatherwolf had a new demo, Unchained Live, out in 2014, which was mixed by Roy Z (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Halford, etc.). The band recruited solo artist and one-time Jag Panzer guitarist Joey Tafolla in 2017. Tafolla replaced Greg Erba, whose last show with Jag Panzer, was in the summer of 2016 at the Bang Your Head festival. Leatherwolf was back in the UK after 28 years in 2017 and touring with UK-based hard rockers The Darker My Horizon. Leatherwolf was working on a new album in 2019. The band was new singer Keith Adamiak, guitarists Rob Math and Geoff Gayer, bassist Paul Carman and drummer Dean Roberts. The band was booked for the M3 Rock Festival at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland in 2022. The band was also booked for the Headbangers Open Air in Europe.

Hail Mary was releasing a single from its album Disturbing The Peace in 2022. Hail Mary featured the rhythm of Olivieri, Howe and Gayer, formerly of the band Leatherwolf. Disturbing The Peace was produced and engineered by Tom Fletcher (Dokken, etc.) and was part of a development deal with Epic Records back in 1989.

The band appeared at RockTember, September 9th 2022 alongside Jackyl, Tom Kiefer and others. Leatherwolf’s Kill The Hunted was out through Rock Of Angels in November 2022. It was the band’s first studio album in 15 years. The band played at NAMM JAMM music industry showcase to begin 2024.